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The Pokemon Story - Page 2659 - Life with an Umbreon - By Tacogun14 - Overview
She giggles to herself, you don't like the sound of that. The womb begins to move around as she begins to run somewhere, the fading shouts of her trainer growing distant. You however couldn't keep your eyes open any longer, the combined elements of the heat, her heartbeat, how wet it was, and the gentle sway of her womb made you feel tired. Despite the fact you're in pain from some of your broken bones, you managed to fall asleep in this Umbreon's womb as she takes you to who knows where...

Hours pass by...

You wake up still in the Umbreon's womb, but feeling much better than before. You stretch your body out to feel that they've been repaired, you also feel the Umbreon stir awake as she felt you move around. "Ah, you're awake my little pet. You're probably confused about why I've spared you, well you were just too cute to let that trainer capture you. So i ran away to make you my pet, someone I can use to pleasure me whenever i want. However i can't play with a broken toy, so i healed you while you slept in my womb." She says, massaging the pregnant bulge you were making. She got up from her grass bed and began squeezing you out, the womb around you squeezes your body tightly through her cervix and into the birth canal. It wouldn't be long till you were pushed past her slit and onto the bed, you sit up a little dazed and look up at the Umbreon as she turned to face you. "Which is why I'm making you my pet for as long as i live, you try to run and I'll make you stay longer in me. All i ask is you do as i say with no questioning and I'll be nice to you, it'll be a better life than risking it out there without me." She says, waiting for a response.
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