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The Pokemon Story - Page 2661 - Digestion is underway - By Drake_451 - Overview
You tumble and roll around inside the stomach with the others, the girls acids soaking you more and more. "That's right.. just submit. You're all being digested and will be a part of me very soon." You hear the girl tease. Unfortunately she is right. You hear her giggle. "Maybe one of you will end up on my butt too. Just be glad that it's my figure that you'll be adding to." She said. You kick the wall angrily and feel yourself drifting off. So this is how it ends, being digested by the human girl. You don't like it but that's what it is. Like how you caught and ate that Rattata yesterday the girl caught and ate you and the others. The Rattata didn't want to become a part of you, but you didn't really care, just how the girl doesn't either. You finally give in and accept your fate. You're about to be digested and made into pudge on her body somewhere. Eventually you pass out and digest away completely with the others. A couple of your siblings added to her legs just as she wanted, the rest to her breasts and belly. You on the other hand ended up lining her butt. And that's the end for you. All that remains of you is some extra pudge on her butt where you will remain forever.
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