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The Pokemon Story - Page 2711 - Upstream. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You decide to trail along a nearby stream and see where it takes you.

You begin walking across the snow laiden ground and listen to the calm environment, the trees rustle with the occasional small Pokémon jumping from branch to branch, shaking a bit of snow onto the floor below, and the odd predator sleuth around through the frosty bushes.
You turn to look at the glistening water of the river to your right, it flows softly towards the sea, taking fallen sticks down, the ocean now a good distance behind you.
You decide to have a break and come to a stop, sitting down on the floor with a crunch, to relax for a bit.
You lay down for a while then decide to look around the general area, and see a bush full of delicious-looking Tamato berries, you notice a bit of rustling, which is probably just a smaller Pokémon, (aka more food!) So you don't worry about approaching it.
You wander up and just as you reach it something jumps out!
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