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The Pokemon Story - Page 2712 - A lovely meal. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
As quick as lightning you open your maw, and as soon as something touches your ready tongue you snap your mouth shut, quickly. You look down at the flailing body of your prey, it's a Sneasel that's drenched in Tomato berry! You waste no time using your paws to push the Sneasel further and gulp down hard, you feel it contract down your throat and in one heaaaavy swallow, it curls up into your belly.
You fall backwards on your sudden bulge and fall back in the snow, licking your lips and burping loudly, 'Ahhh' you say, rubbing the squirming creature as it tries to escape.

You happily yawn and get up, all the while the Sneasel heckles and taunts you to let it go.
You get up and drag yourself down towards the stream, and look for somewhere to take a nap, settling for a lone bush.

You awaken quite a while later, probably around a day based on instinct.
You stretch outward and admire your body, your tail, ass and hips seem bigger and rounder.

Stepping out of the bush, you see no reason to stay in this area so you continue walking up stream.
After quite a hike you come across a fork in the river, it splits into the main river and a smaller to the left, you decide to go...
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