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The Pokemon Story - Page 2714 - Through the window. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You decide to peer through the window so approach the crates, you place two paws on the bottom one just to check if it's sturdy and it is.
You jump up the stack step by step until you're on top of the forth step, you reach up on your hind legs to the window sill and look inside.
Looking in you see a massive larder of food, baked goods, all kinds of drinks, berries and cooked meats galore, you immediately want to get in although the window appears to be very sturdy, you'll have to sneak in some other way.

You peek around the corner and look at men from before, they talk about various unimportant things for a while until one of them checks his watch and tells the others to 'Get back to work.' Because their boss is coming back from some unknown place.

They begin taking the boxes and bottles into the building, the stack you're on was apparently a delivery.

You notice a chance to get into the larder, all you have to do is turn into water in one of the bottles and wait to be carried in.

You see a few bottles to choose but decide on...
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