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The Pokemon Story - Page 2866 - She helps him out - By Drake_451 - Overview
"Okay then you can have her. Here, let me help you get her in." The girl said with a smile and leaned down. He stepped closer his feet stopping in front of your face. She picks you up with both hands and you see him open his mouth. The girl starts to put you into his mouth hind legs first. He swallows you down with her help until you head is taken in. You glare helplessly out from his mouth watching as the girl smiles at you. "Bye bye kitty." She says. Suddenly the boy closed his mouth and took another gulp and sent you to his stomach. His belly bulges outward and sags over a little. "Thank you, now she can digest already." He said and you feel him walking away. The girl walks beside him and giggles. "She's going to make you fat!" She joked. "As long as she helps me grow that's fine." He said. You blink and shudder listening to them. You don't want to end up as fat on his body but you have little choice now it seems.
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