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The Pokemon Story - Page 3054 - Pussy - By OwOmaster - Overview
"your pussy would be a chance of scenery" you say thinking about all the hours you spent in soaking in belly soup.
"Glad to hear" blaze says turning around with her rear on display "come on in". You stand right next to the horses pink slit, using both your hands you pull her lady lips open. You stuck your head inside of her warm tunnel and start squirming you way inside.
"That feels amazing" blaze moaned "deeper" , at this point you only have your legs sticking out of her. Her walls suddenly start to clench pulling you deeper n as blaze moans loudly, then you reach a small opening ,her cervix, it starts opening and you are pulled inside of her womb. As soon as you body collects it's self inside the small hope shuts tight as blaze has a loud orgasm. She lies down for a moment to catch her breath as you look around inside of your new holding place. It was somewhat similar to the belly but instead of being waist deep in chyme your sitting in a pool of clear liquid and the walls of her womb was way more tighter than that of the belly, you wait a few minutes and blaze
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