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The Pokemon Story - Page 3119 - Taking a breather. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You wake up some time later still held on Rayas arms. She's snoring right now with her head above you.

You decide to think about your situation and try to form a plan, your current problems are having the scent of Raya and the ribbon tightly pulled around your tail, and of course trying to get away from an Arcanine that seems to have picked you as her favourite toy.

You try to think of various escape ideas for a bit, but stop for a second as Raya moves in her sleep, her nose on your tail.

You get back to ideas, you could try and cut the ribbon off with her teeth, you wonder if the Pokéfood will mask her scent.
You flinch again as Raya moves her head forwards, pushing you with it, you feel her breath warm on your back.

Back to ideas again, maybe you can get one of her jealous friends to steal you? How would that help? Too many ideas. You begin too flinch again from Raya but decide on ignoring it. What if you just go this for now? Maybe life as a toy is easier.

All of your thoughts are currently blinding you to the fact that Raya has unwittingly pulled your whole tail into her maw, all of that carrying has gotten you used to the feel of her tongue and saliva currently taking in your back end slowly.

You decide to just endure the toy treatment for now, maybe an oppertunity will show up later. But for now you...
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