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The Pokemon Story - Page 3489 - Investigate The Energy - By unknownHavock - Overview
Despite your better judgement, you headed off the trail. It was risky for countless reasons, but there was no way you could ignore such unusual emissions.

You moved carefully between the trees. Making sound was ill-advised when a hungry pokemon could be just around the corner. The closer you got to the source, the lighter your head felt. The energy was quickly becoming intense and your skull was pounding like you had be hit by a car. You almost began to head back as the energy overwhelmed your sensitive psychic senses when a loud, masculine scream bought your focus back.

It was cut off by loud slurping noises. You abandoned stealth and rushed over to duck behind a large tree. After a few relaxing breaths, you peaked out into the small clearing beyond.

Before you stood a being like you've never seen before. A bug type for sure, but she towered over you. She had to be at least 11 feet tall! Her body is mostly white, with her claws, elbows, the ends of her antennae, knees, and odd feet being a shining golden hue. She even had a gold crown adoring her head. You felt a twinge of breast envy upon noticing the creature's massive tits capped with pink nipples. You had to wonder how she was even able to stand with them.

She had long hair that formed a cockroach-like shape. Her body was oddly sectioned and her arms were impossibly thin. You have seen enough pokedexes and pokemon to know this one was unusual as hell. This being was certainly the source of the energy.

You quickly discover the origin of the off-putting slurping being a naked human male dangling halfway out of her mouth. He looked rather muscled and if you had to guess was middle aged at most.

Your glaze drifted down to her pregnant-looking stomach. Now that you where close enough, you can hear screams and cries emanating from it. You even recognized the screams of a fellow Gardvoir and see her terrified face bulging out from the creature's taut skin, among the countless other protrusions.

You looked back up to see her staring right at you. You freeze in terror as she casually takes another gulp to finish off her latest meal. And it appears you're about to be next.

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