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The Pokemon Story - Page 3490 - You're Scared Stiff - By unknownHavock - Overview
The creature quickly approaches you before your horror filled mind can even think of reacting. It's only when she plucks you off the forest floor that you start to resist. However, despite the being's stick-like arms, she seems to be stronger than the even the most experienced Machamp you've ever fought.

She brings your face level with hers. You stop struggling for a moment as she seems to think you over. For a brief second you think she might be full on food, that she would let you go.

Your hopes are swiftly dashed when she crams you into her mouth. You try to scream but your voice just echoes down her throat which only seemed to make your devourer laugh while she licked over every part of your face. You kick her, only succeeding to make her boob wobble.

You are lunged forward with a mighty gulp into her throat. Darkness fills your vision as the moist environment engulfs your shoulders. She's really taking her time with you, sucking on your fattened body as you fight against the monstrous beast with futile punches and kicks that only seem to further her enjoyment. You're sent deeper into the pulsating lightless tunnel while your breasts slip into her mouth. You can't help but moan at the assault by her rough tongue. Despite very much not wanting to become a pokesnack, you had to admit she treated your mounds better than that poor excuse for a master ever did, even if it's only to suck the flavor out of them.

The feminine beast sent more of you down her neck. Your arms were now pinned to your sides while her lips were halfway down your fat belly. All you could do at this point was kick the air in desperation as your flesh was savored like a high grade steak. A deafening moan shook your body as the creature made her culinary approval known.

It was only after another gulp that you realized just how tight and uncaring her throat was. The wet, fleshy tube hugged your form like a vice, conforming to your body and constricted you. And the way it was grinding against your tits and sensitive nipples felt wonderful! The fear and primal terror of being eaten faded into sexual bliss from the pulsating throat. You hardly even noticed the next few swallows until your ladyhood was attacked by the probing alien tongue.

You squealed like a schoolgirl while the rough organ molested your lotus and ass. It slurped and lapped at the flesh inside, bringing you ever closer to organism. Just before you reached peak, the creature noisily gulped down your quivering ass and left the soaking cunt high and dry. You would have voiced your outrage at her injustice to your loins had your face not slammed into a wall of flesh.

Confusion clouded you briefly before you remembered you were being swallowed whole. You attempted to scream while you were forced into the already crowned stomach, but your lust addled mind could only muster a feeble wheeze. The last of you was pumped into the digestive sac with a wet plop as the entrance sealed. Before you knew what was happening, you were helplessly dragged into the screaming hoard of doomed beings.

Time lost all meaning as you tumbled to and fro by both the stomach itself and it's inhabitants. Sometimes you were completely submerged in acid before being pulled back out again by frenzied limbs and wet bodies. The entire chamber was filled with the screams of both people and pokemon, mixing with the booming gurgles and groans of digestion. At some point, you went completely deaf. You had even cried out yourself to check only to painfully confirm that your hearing was gone.

At some point, you ended up sitting on someone's lap. You had been trying to grab onto anything to keep from being tossed like a ragdoll and somehow managed to wrap arms around someone. You had no way of knowing for sure, but it felt like the man you had seen the strange pokemon swallow before you. All your remaining strength went to hugging this man for dear life as the both of you were

You felt his penis rub against your clit and you allowed it in without thinking, lust still riddling your brain. The both of you fucked under the pitch black darkness of the stomach. With your hearing gone you could only imagine the man moaning your name, saying how great of a guardian you had been to your worthy masters. You dreamed each pump of his cock was filled with passion and love, not lust or the want of a final shag as the pair of you slowly digested in the gut of some mystery creature. All you could focus on was that feeling of love you wanted as you climaxed over and over. Before you knew it, you came one final time before the light faded from your eyes.


Pheromosa burped crassly as the last of her meals succumbed to her stomach. She patted the groaning orb with a satisficed smile.

She wasn't entirely sure what had happened. One moment she was at home in comfort and next she was here. Normally she would be extremely upset and scared by something like this. However, she very quickly discover just how insanely delicious everything here was. She had never tasted such joy before at home. If she wasn't careful, she could easily eat her carefully maintained figure away in mere days.

The beautiful alien yawned. She looked up to find an unfamiliar moon dotting the night sky. Where ever she was, it was nice. Much, much prettier than that horrible desert she called home, with cool breezes replacing the dreaded burning sun. The more she thought about it, the more regret she felt about eating so many of the denizens of this place. Sure they tasted divine, but maybe she could befriend them, live among them. If only she knew how she got here, then she might even be able to get others of her kind to this place.

Her eyes grew heavy as her body demanded more energy to digest it's meal. Pheromosa curled up upon the soft clearing grass. She fell asleep with a hopeful smile on her lips, eager to see what tomorrow would bring her.

You Died

Maybe try running away from the big scary bug next time.
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