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The Pokemon Story - Page 81 - Male - By komaru - Overview
Riolu~ Type: Fighting, Lv. 5

You are a pokemon that looks similar to a small bipedal puppy. You have to small pointed ears on the top of your head, and two longer floppy (ears?) right below them. You have a black band of fur that goes around your blue head at eye level, similar to that of a racoon. You have a short pointed snout for a nose, with a small mouth underneath. Your neck and body are mostly black, and very small and skinny compared to your head and limbs. You have very thick, blue arms, each hand having a steel plate on it for hitting foes. You upper legs are very thick, and blue, while your lower legs are thin, and black, giving you the appearance of wearing very baggy shorts. and last but not least, you have a long blue tail, shaped spmewhat like a lightning bolt.


You emerge from the small alley between houses in a very small villages, you don't know how you got here as an egg, or why you can't find any others of your kind, whoever removed you though, you had never found out, you lived by fighting weaker pokemon for food and occasionally stealing from the humans, it wasen't that difficult seeing as how you became a fixture of the village and most of the villagers gave you food anyways. But now you feel as though you have become strong enough to leave this village and explore the outside world. So which way to you go?
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