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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 1 - The Beginning of a New Day! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
Hello & welcome to my first (& most likely only) Interactive Story! I’ve been wanting to make one of those for a long while & I’m finally getting to it! From what I can tell, any FE-specific interactives here have just kinda… not gotten very far, but I want this one to be different! I’ll be making sure to update this every so often, hopefully alongside you guys adding parts of your own. Let's try to create the best Fire Emblem interactive we can~!

Now, for some rules! You gotta follow them or your added page may just be deleted. We don't want that, now do we?

- For the time being, I want to keep this strictly as soft & oral vore focused. Various alternate play options to mawplay like breast or butt smothering is allowed though.
- Disposal & full tour are allowed, but please keep it clean!
- For characters of a younger age (for example, Nino), please try to avoid altogether or keep any sexual innuendos to an absolute minimum. Please, they're pure characters.
- Extremely explicit stuff like scat, watersports, any of that stuff is off-limits in all areas. I don't enjoy that kind of stuff at all so let's try to keep this more on the wholesome side!
- When adding a new page, it must at least be a paragraph long, as well as have at least two choices to followup with - the latter is exempt if you intend for the path to end. Exceptions may be made if the page absolutely requires to be short but otherwise, pages that are only a single sentence or two long will most likely be deleted.
- If a storyline inevitably leads to digestion, it must be of the non-fatal variety. Fatal just wouldn't work here so as much as I do enjoy fatal noms on occasions, it won't be seen here. If however it is a different character being eaten, temporary fatality is allowed, either as being gone for a while or as sentient fat. The latter is also allowed for the Summoner/Reader!
- Multiple characters are allowed to show up in a character’s path & even take part in the nomming! Just try not to have too many characters show up in one scenario - can get very confusing, very quickly.
- While I’ll for the most part, write the Summoner as non-speaking, anyone is free to write them with speaking parts. If they're already speaking in a path, I’ll continue to write them like that, should I add my own part to the path.
- You're free to add more starting locations alongside the four pre-existing ones I have written but only do so when you have a description ready to follow with the newly added location!
- As much as I usually dwell on Macro/Micro, both it & full size are fair game!
- This isn’t completely restricted to human stuff for the demis who can transform - any characters who can transform such as a manakete like Tiki are allowed to eat in their respective form!

Alright & I think that's it! If any extra rules are needed, they will be added but for now, just follow the rules if you decide to add pages of your own & everything will be ship shake! Onto the opening!


Morning has finally arrived after a long night. The sun shined through your bedroom blinds, bright enough to wake you from your slumber - that was fine though, you had a great night sleep & it was pleasant to wake up from it.

With your day now having officially started, you hopped out of bed & quickly changed out of your pajamas & into your usual clothes, cloaked by the white robe you always wore. You set the blinds to the side & opened the windows, your ears immediately being blessed to the sounds of birds chirping - always a wonderful sound to hear minutes after waking up!

Today would be a rather uneventful day so it was up to you to make it eventful! So many Heroes you could search for to talk with & maybe have some fun with…

Which area of the gigantic castle to go to though? So many choices, so many Heroes to have fun with…
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