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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 2 - Destination: Cafeteria! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
Hmm, you decided it’d make sense to go over to the cafeteria first - there were probably quite a lot of Heroes there, all waiting for their morning fix of food. With your choice of location chosen, you made your way over to your door & quickly pulled it open. The cafeteria wasn't too far away from your room so it wouldn't be too long of a trip there.

Just a few minutes away.


You stood outside the double-sided doors, already smelling the pleasant aroma wafting through the smallest crack between the doors. You just wanted to get in already & so you did!... & was surprised to find there were only a few Heroes here - not a whole bunch like you thought there would be but nonetheless, there were a few you could strike up a conversation with here & maybe hopefully get some magic going.

Who do you decide to talk & maybe spend some time with?
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