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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 42 - Her reason for reading this book - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
“I’m sorry for waking you, I didn't mean to.”

You hoped that apology would be sufficient enough for her, though judging by the notable lack of a reaction from her…

“...” was possible her half asleep brain didn't even hear your words. Ah well.

Well you apologised so now you were interested to know why she was reading this kind of book! Hopefully she was awake enough to at least answer this.

“Hm, would you mind telling me why you're reading a book about human biology? Specifically about the stomach.”

“...O-Oh!” That seemed to have perked her up! You noticed an immediate faint redness overtake her cheeks. “I-I… was interested.”

Interested? You had to wonder what she meant by that. You were about to speak up & ask but before you could, she continued on.

“I once held my dear brother Seliph… i-inside me. His presence… it made my heart feel ooh-so warm… a-and my body extremely tingly. I never understood why for the latter so I thought I could find something in this book.”

Oh, so she wanted to know the reasons for the tingly feelings she felt inside her while holding Seliph in her gut… made sense, you supposed. If you had to be frank, you did sorta know the answer already but where would the fun be if you told her right away? Instead, you were curious to know if she'd experience those tingly feelings with you, & well… the only way for that to happen… to have her eat you~

Hmm it could take some convincing though - sure she loved your close presence, but you knew she wouldn't just nonchalantly agree to ingesting you without any rhyme or reason. You could just ask her right away with a hopefully strong reason of course, or you could hold off asking for now - you were actually quite curious to see if there were more details about it in this book!

Both options have their perks, but what to choose…
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