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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 46 - A Disrobe-al Proposal - By lllll1337 - Overview

“Ah… w-wait, Selkie! I have a proposal for you!”

The foxy maw closes into a broad, drooly smile before you.

“Ooooh~?” she hums. “What kinda proposal~?”

“W-Well,” you continue, “these heavy robes I’m wearing can’t be too appetizing! S-So, perhaps if I could get up for juuuuuuuuuust a second…”

“Mmmmrh~,” she nods. “That’s truuuuuue~...”

Holding onto that syllable, Selkie strokes her hand over your hair, pushing your hood back.

“Better make it quick — I’m really hungry~”

The kitsune then hops off of you, taking a few steps back. You have to admit, you’re… a bit surprised that’s being so patient. Usually, her stomach hijacks her brain so effortlessly that nothing in her line of sight can escape being crammed into it.

Then again, she does seem rather interested in your taste…

You stand up and begin quickly disrobing until you’re left wearing just your underwear. Looking over at Selkie, you see her drooling and blushing as she sees this. Perhaps she’s realized just how much of your flesh is now open for tasting… or, perhaps there’s something more to that expression~...

In either case, it seems there will be no further delays when it comes to filling out the foxy belly… all that matters now is how you get there.
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