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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 50 - Lena! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
“Hmm? Who is it?”

That soft, tender voice - that was for sure Lena on the other side! The young cleric had garnered a nickname for herself back in her home world which had leaked into this world too - ’The Tender Angel’. Such a pretty title, wholly befitting such a pure of heart lady.

You answered her, letting her know it was you before you opened the door. Your eyes were greeted by the bold white colouring of the clinical room & upon walking in, you saw her - Lena standing by the clinic bed at the end of the room, the purest of smiles adorning her soft face. Her fluffy, yet sort of messy-looking red hair covered most of the top of her face while the rest was hidden within the white hood she wore.

“Oh, good morning, Summoner!” She greeted you as she kept both hands clasped against her chest. “How may I help you?”

Immediately thinking you were in need of help - while that was true, it was a reminder of just how selfless she always was! Hah, you certainly weren't gonna delay an explanation so as you made your way closer to her, you explained to her of the slight migraine you were feeling.

“Ah, a migraine? Those are never pleasant to wake up with so please, sit yourself down & I shall remedy that as quick as I can!” Her bright eyes looked to the side, getting you to do the same & spot the chair that sat beside the clinic bed.

Well, you followed her request without so much as a sound made! You sat yourself down on the chair & not even a few seconds later, Lena now stood right in front of you, almost like she was an imposing figure. She was a rather small lady but with you sitting down, she did look much taller…

“Now there are two ways in which to remedy this: I can use a staff to apply a rapidly healing effect, naturally so but the effect can take a while to kick in.” She stated the first option rather naturally, but then you noticed her pause & avoid your gaze for a moment, leading you to wonder what that second option was…

...hmmm… but you felt you might already know what that second option was when you felt your heart rate suddenly increase in pace.

She finally looked back, her smile quivering a tad before speaking the second option. “...Or the second option: I shall take your body within mine & cleanse any & all pain within your body.” As she stated this, you noticed the faintest of blushes forming on her cheeks.

Heh well, it seemed pretty obvious which one she was hoping for you to choose, & perhaps it was obvious which option you’d choose too…
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