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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 51 - Mist! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
“Oh, h-hello?”

Her voice sounded a little on-edge, though it was most likely because it was still early morning, but that was definitely Mist who answered - Ike’s adorable little sister! You quickly told her it was you before opening the door & making your way inside, apparently surprising the youthful cleric.

“A-Ah, good morning, Summoner!”

You looked over to her, seeing that she had apparently been sorting out the staves before you had made your arrival known. You reciprocated the good morning before closing the door, letting out a vacant sigh before feeling a pang of pain surge your skull, forcing a pained grunt out of you which immediately alerted the cleric.

“Ah, have you injured yourself?” She asked with a certain shakiness in her voice as she quickly made her way to you. You didn't want her worry to spike up anymore than it already had so you let her know it was just a migraine, though your calmness seemed to bother her. “Just a migraine? Stay right there, a staff will banish that pain in a jiffy!”

A staff, the natural option of course but before she could dart off back over to the rack of various staves, you grabbed her shoulder, making her look back with a confused expression on her face. A staff would work of course, but… you had a different idea in mind.

You could only hope she’d agree to it when you suggest it…
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