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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 60 - Breakfast proposal accepted! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
“Hmmm…” She held her fist beneath her chin - she was clearly giving your offer some thought.

Come on, she had to say it!

After a few passing seconds, her bright green eyes fell back on you alongside her ever-so warm smile returning.

“...Alright, I guess I’ll follow along!”


“Great! A cute huntress such as yourself should have no trouble taking down a stationery prey, hmm~?” Heh, now that she’s accepted your offer, you saw nothing wrong with attempting to get her into a preddy mood - she already sounded so hungry, she could eat a pegasi so she was halfway there! There was also a second equally as tasty option to go for. “Or if you could hunt me in your room… uh, minus the shooting an arrow at me of course.” That's certainly not something you wanted, heheh. “That’d certainly require me being shrunken down to make it an effective hunt but I wouldn't mind at all~”

You’ve given her those two options…


...ooooh & by the look on her face, she was definitely enticed by both - she was drooling a little with a slight lull of her eyes, as if she was sizing you up! The thought of being sized up was enough to make you shiver!

“You sure do have a way with words… mmffh.” She closed her eyes & smacked her lips rather loudly, like she smacked them so loudly on purpose to test the waters in showing you her inner predator - hehe~ “Imagining you small like a rabbit… or large like a bear… Mmmm how would I prefer to hunt you…~?”

Hmhmm, being described as a bear was quite amusing… but the more important thing was her question at hand.

Which would she like you as~?
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