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Transformation Dungeon - Page 1 - Transformation Dungeon - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to Transformation Dungeon!

In this interactive story, you will be exploring, well, a dungeon. But not just any dungeon, no! This dungeon, as the name implies, is based around transformation. There are other sorts of shenanigans, like some hypnosis and some vore, but it is primarily transformation.

Within, there are many devious traps, waiting for witless adventurers to trigger them. There are many dangerous creatures, each deadly in their own way, that await any hapless explorers. But of course, there are also many strange treasures, lying in wait for anyone to come across them and pick them up. Pretty much anything in this dungeon can change one's form, for better or worse, whether they want it or not. So, do be careful. Or not. The choice is yours, after all.

In this adventure, you must brave the dungeon and what it has in store for you. Beware, you may get caught by the minions within, or the numerous traps lying around. You might even find the lovely treasures to be dangerous. At the end of the adventure, your victory will change depending on what has happened to you throughout the course of your journey. And, of course, there are many bad endings.

The rules for this story are;
No hard Vore.
No incest.
Proper grammar and spelling.
Avoid excessive numbers of M/M and F/F.

Other than that, good luck!


You stood in front of a crumbled apart set of ruins, deep within this dark jungle. The architecture is unfamiliar to you, and judging by the many thick vines that snake their way around the place, this has to be incredibly ancient.

Perhaps there's treasure somewhere around here? That would be good. But then again, in these parts, there are a lot of vicious creatures and terrifying monsters. Who knows what could be nearby?

However, you came this way for a reason. You're not just going to stop and turn back now. You have to be brave. Without bravery, what kind of adventurer would you be? You close your eyes, take a deep breath, and open them up, and take a step forwards.

And find yourself falling through a hole.

You only barely have enough time to scream before you hit something. You bounce up and down, stuck to some kind of surface. You look around, finding yourself caught in a spider's web. You pull your arms and legs around, and can gain no ground as the net holds your body in a vice.

The sound of something crawling towards you gets your attention, and you look over to see a large monstrosity make its way to you. It crawls on four large reptilian legs, with savage claws at their ends. Its four wings rise up to blot the sky out from above you. Its tail swishes around to point its tip at you, and from it more silky threads emerge, which begin to cover your legs. Its head is reptilian in nature, but its eyes are piercing, gazing deep inside you. It grabs you with its claws and begins to spin you around, causing your body to be bound within a cocoon of web. After a few minutes, you can't move any part of your body.

Suddenly, a pink mist envelopes your vision. As you breathe in, you start to feel sluggish, drowsy, and a heat rises inside you. Something warm takes up your mouth, and your mind seems to flee you. You look into those purple eyes, watching as their rings drew you in, pulling on your mind, caressing it, soothing it, until all you could think of was…
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