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Werewolf Vore Reborn - Page 13 - A teenage girl named Jenna - By Stanku - Overview
The moon is on the rise over the neighbourhood, as if it knew it was Halloween and time for a dramatic appearance. All the yards are filled with pumpkin lanterns, plastic skeletons, rubber bats and whatever else discount scary goods people have gotten their hands on. Live torches have been a big hit this year, adding to the lively mood gripping the population dressed up in various outfits.

No need for that for you, whose already “dressed up” accordingly, though not because of fun or volition. Thankfully it’s not as bad as you first thought when finding out about your condition – the prospect of growing a beard is no joke for any 18 year old girl. The tufted, triangular ears, coloured the same chestnut brown as your curly hair, are kind of cool in addition to hearing superbly. Your face is the same pale, cute thing as ever, except for the eyes now tinged with red. Your nails have never been this invulnerable to splintering. The tail used to be an issue since you just couldn’t keep it from wagging, but for tonight at least it’s just part of the show. Usually full moon only plays tricks for werewolves, rarely treats. Those you’ll have to come by yourself.

In fact, you’ve already tried out your skills on a stray cat you found wandering the park where you’re currently hiding. The black tomcat fought like a samurai, but once you got your fangs on its neck it got the message. Now he’s laying all still in your lap, ears pressed flat as you smooth his fur. He’d make a decent little lunch if you willed so… or maybe extra practice later if given another chance.
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