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Werewolf Vore Reborn - Page 14 - explore those bulges - By anyonarex - Overview
Your lower half satisfied you stare that gorged organ laid out before you. It's roughly double the size that it was before, bordering on triple, all 70 or so pounds of that delicious little girl curled up tight inside. It's surprisingly round and smooth too, the fur spread sparse around the top and the further extremities of that fattened belly hanging off the sides of the tiny bed.

You reach out a paw to touch it and a bulge suddenly forms from where you touched, a hand, imprinting itself perfectly from the inside out with the fingers spread wide. You chuckle and gleefully touch it. Tracing your clawed finger along that smooth palm, the short fingers and then those trim nails already visibly beginning to melt underneath the fur.

From there you're able to trace the rest of Cheryl's body through the bulges her body is making. You find her shoulders and the back of her neck and from there you find her cute little head, a single bump of a bulge near the top of the hot boiling sac she was encased in. It jostled and you realise she's still sobbing, weaker now, probably nearing her end.

You move in the opposite direction and find her spin, the butt, and then her slender legs and finally at the bottom in a bunched up pile are her two feet. They in particular feel sloppy, no doubt floating in a puddle of digestive juices pooling at the bottom.

It's like a work of art, a flesh mosaic of girl that unfortunately wouldn't last long enough to be put into a museum. But, you realise with a slick grin, if you could find her phone maybe you could take a photo to keep with you.

Such an evil idea, but you do know the passcode to open it up so....should you?
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