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Werewolf Vore Reborn - Page 15 - Tell her why you did this - By anyonarex - Overview
“Heeeyyyy, little girl” you call out in a lyrical tone and a soft lick of your chops and her struggles suddenly come to a stop.

A muffled response and you crane your ear closer to make it out, luckily for you those wolf ears are like little satellites and you’re able to piece together what the girl is saying from inside you.

“Oh but I can’t let you go my sugar bun” you give your gurgling organ a pat as it bulged out with the wriggles of the girl inside “you see I need to eat as much as you do. And while I know you like to eat cookies and cupcakes and all sorts of sweet treats, I prefer to eat little girls. And what a good one you were.”

Sarah responds again and at first you think that she is asking you another pointless if entertaining question, but it’s just a wordless anguished cry. Your grin grows wider.

“Yes indeed, such a fine taste you had. So beefy and sweet, and that smell? Oooooohhhh”

You burp just a little bit and there it is, her now sour girlish smell so beefy and thick. “You stink, oh but don’t feel ashamed. I loved how alluring that odour was, how enticing it made you seem, why if I wasn’t so hungry I may just have kept you around just to come back and sniff you every once in a while. But, of course, that won’t happen now.”

This time Sarah does respond. “W-what’s going to happen?” She says “p-please Mr wolf....”

“Well you’re going to digest” you respond matter of factly and chuckle, patting where you assume her cute little head to be “Yep, you’re gonna melt down and make me nice and fat. And sooner or later you’ll be....leaving me, but not the way you came in.”

Sarah is young but she gets the hint and lets out another cry at the sheer thought, her wriggles sending the drying cum on your belly splattering over her pink duvet. She fights and fights and you moan in delight, ushering her further on.

“Yeah that’s right Sarah, my sweet little girl. You’re gonna be wolf sh-”
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