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Werewolf Vore Reborn - Page 16 - Eat the cat - By Stanku - Overview
“Sorry, boy, but it’s a dog-eat-cat world,” you say, licking your painted lips.

The cat appears to sense something’s up as he tenses further and hisses sharply. Your right hand pins the forepaws against his chest while you lift him up by the hinds, guiding the snarling, terrified furry face into your opening jaws. The hissing muffles as the black head disappears between your lips, which quickly slurp in the slender shoulders. A taste of fur floods your tastebuds, washed with some weird shampoo, along with a hint of metal of which the cat’s collar tag is made, something you didn’t even bother to read.

Your gullet clamps on the cylindrical, wriggling lump of hair fed into it, saliva slickening the kitty on his way down so he becomes all matted. He’s a scrawny thing and not too tasty, yet he’s the first meal you’ve enjoyed in your wolf-form, and the feeling of consuming another living being marks the experience as special, exciting and raw. Not too bad for the first time eating pussy. You nibble at the meat passing by your fangs, sucking the whining feline all the way in. His tail desperately tries to curl around your nose before being slurped from sight, amusing you somewhat. Once the hindpaws are tucked in, you tilt your head backwards and let the pesky hairball slide down the throat into your awaiting belly, where he continues moving weakly.

“Not too bad…for starters,” you ponder, picking hairs off your tongue while thinking what to do next. For one, you could go prowling on the suburbian streets to see what other treats the night has to offer. Or then you could stalk the park, looking for prey who are in the mood for more privacy. Finally, there’s a party at the high school which you might attend, although it’d be more riskier than the other options.
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