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Werewolf Vore Reborn - Page 17 - Let him go - By Stanku - Overview
“You got lucky this time, but don’t count on it the next,” you say, releasing your grip on the cat. He doesn’t waste the opportunity, and soon pounces off and vanishes into the bushes. But before he does, your keen gaze happens to notice the collar tag as it catches a glimpse of moonlight, revealing the letters “A.Q.” Doesn’t remind you of anyone living in the neighbourhood, and it’s pretty hard not to know everyone at least by their mailbox in a small town such as this.

You forget about it quickly enough while deciding on what else you might try your hunting skills on. For one, you could go prowling the suburbian streets to see what other treats the night has to offer. Or then you could stalk the park, looking for prey who are in the mood for more privacy. Perhaps the mysterious owner of the cat is around and about looking for their pet. Finally, there’s a party at the high school which you might attend, although it’d be more riskier than the other options.
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