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Werewolf Vore Reborn - Page 2 - An early 20's male at home with his mother, father and two sisters - By anyonarex - Overview
You’re all male baby and on top of the world. 21 years old, well toned body that remains the envy of every girl in the neighbourhood and, to top all of that off, you’re not even fully human. You’re so much more than that.

A full blooded, well equipped, and experienced werewolf ever since a strange accident two years ago. Two years of mastering the change, hunting down small prey in the forest and raiding houses in the dead of night for loot to sell the next morning. You’ve made being a werewolf a full time occupation, and you’re damn proud of it.

But this evening will change everything. While you’ve been very good at keeping your secret hidden, only telling your beloved and supportive girlfriend of the past four years, tonight will test that ability to it’s limit.

You awake in the evening and peer out at the full moon riding high in the sky. You can transform without such an astrological occurrence, but it’s easier with the help of that wonderfully bright moonlight on your changing skin.

You chuckle, still in human form for now, and think about how you will spend the night. When suddenly your belly gives out a low and hungry rumble, well that’s that then. You’ll need to find some food before anything else.

Where do you go?
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