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65th Striking Cobras - Page 1 - Mission Briefing - By Drunken05 - Overview

"You have your orders, do us proud soliders." And with that the sargeant vanished of the screen. I looked around and noticed everyone was resuming conversation. The noise of the helicopter blades beginning to fade as voices grew. You start going over the mission again in your mind as time goes on, your squad was ordered to undergo recon within the centre of some large jungle areas as reports of attacks around these dense jungles had increased within the last couple of months. It started with the occasional missing persons report and soon after major populations disappearing without a trace. The job given to you was to investigate this mistery.

I suppose they thought the military was needed as there were a number of coppers en route with enough force for a war. All counties were in agreement that they had nothing to do with it so each sent out their own units to help combat this. No leader could be trusted and all countries had defense plans against each other. I just believed it was a group of terrorists on a rampage. The intercom then came to life and the pilots voice  made itself known,"10 minutes to LZ, flying over jungle terrian, be prepared for enemy resistence." The sound of magazines being loaded into guns filled the compartment with the occassional "Boo Yeah!" And with that I loaded my own.

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