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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 1 - The Adventures of Lulu - By Megaladong - Overview
Welcome to the Adventures of Lulu. You play as a wild pikachu on a quest to find a Thunderstone in a dangerous world of Pokémon. I plan on adding new pages at the first of the month so if you're interested, check back then. (!!Fair warning, this story heavily features graphic hard/soft vore scenes, dark disturbing themes, feral Pokémon sex, and brutal rape. Play at your own risk!!) I would call this a realistic look into the world of Pokémon. I try to keep as close to the canon as possible, with some creative liberties. Sizes of Pokémon are based on weight and height in the Pokedex. Unless it doesn't make any sense. Most of the time, the game sprites and the anime are misleading. For example, according to the Pokedex, a pikachu is about the size of a large hare, while something like a liepard or persian is the size of a cheetah. So imagine you're a hare in the maw of a cheetah, you're pretty small. If this is your first time playing, I recommend role playing as Lulu and try to survive. I would consider your first ending your true ending, so play carefully! After that, feel free to explore death scenes. A lot of the story is only revealed in those situations. My goal is to make every encounter survivable, unless you made a mistake or failed a quest going into it. I try to give enough context to make it possible to make a good decision. Although, it is told from the perspective of Lulu. If she doesn't know something, is confused or scared, she may make a bad decision sound good.
Anyways, stay safe and hope you enjoy!

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