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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 122 - A Sweet Scent - By Megaladong - Overview
If something is following it is probably not much of a threat. You continue to the path that leads up to the bluff. The path is narrow and the forest closes in on you on all sides. You keep your guard up until the wind shifts and a light breeze brings to your nostrils a pungent sweet smell. The smell is so pleasant to you, your mouth waters, and all your inhibitions melt. No longer do your thoughts control your direction but your nose does. You sniff the air trying to locate the sweet scent. Soon the smell leads you to a bush.

You wander into the bush helplessly. You quickly find the source of the smell; it's a goopy white substance hanging down from a strange blue plant. You look up at the plant. Oh no, it's a gloom with a big goofy smile on its face. Before you can react, the gloom puckers its lips then blows out a cyan powder directly into your face. You breathe in the powder, stumble back on the path, and cough profusely. Once the coughing subsides, you become groggy. Never have you felt so sleepy in your life. You try and stay standing but your legs become weak and collapse from under you. Your eyelids droop but before they close for good, the gloom walks out from the bush and looks down on its pika-meal with bliss. Looks like your adventure is over before it even started. At least the gloom did you the favor of putting you to sleep before eating you. You are drifting off into peaceful sleep just as the gloom picks you up. The last thing you see is the gloom opening its mouth full of white digestive goo. Such is your fate. The white drool that lured you in will also have the pleasure of dissolving you. You give in to sleep before the horror starts.

You awake in a dream-like state. You're not dead, at least you think that is the case. Your eyes are heavy and you are still under the effects of the Sleep Powder. You can make out muffled sticky smacking and can faintly feel pressure on your ass. Your blurry vision can just see green grass below you and two red amorphous shapes out of the corners of your eyes. Your guess, the gloom has decided to eat its meal tail first and is slurping on your ass, melting you slowly. You’ve most likely been digesting for a while and struggling probably won’t save you. Your body feels no pain and you are still able to return to sleep. It would probably be best just to die peacefully but maybe there’s still hope. What do you do?
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