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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 156 - A Mistake - By Megaladong - Overview
Wait? What!? Xander is fucking you without your permission! In your heat lust, you almost let him finish, but you can't let him violate you like this. You kick your hind legs off his inner thighs and free the fox cock from your pussy. It was just in time too. The virgin vulpix didn't last long, and as his dick exits, it twitches, shooting a large stream of cum out on your chest and stomach. Xander's knot swells to a bulb-like shape and the base of his cock. His dick twitches again, this time shooting even further, landing on your face, with some ending up in your mouth. It spurts once more but doesn't go far and instead coats your thighs and crotch with thick white vulpix seed.

You sit there stunned by the sight. As you collect your thoughts, the red dick oozes more cum, landing on your tail and asshole. Almost all of your front is covered in Xander's seed.

You look up at him, pissed. He looks at you with wide eyes, "uhhhh… "

Rage starts to build in you, "pika-CHUUUUU." You Thundershock the rapist vulpix.

Xander yelps and stumbles out of the log. You get up and get in a battle stance. Xander opens his eyes, sparks crackle around his fur. He looks scared, "Lulu, I…"

You spit out the cum in your mouth and yell, "what the fuck, Xander? Is this what you do to teammates? Rape them while they sleep?" Cum drips off your fur.

"No… well..." he sighs, "look, I'm sorry Lulu; I truly am. I didn't want it like this."

"Then why did you do it?!"

"It's just…" he sighs and looks down. "It's just, this was my first season and I went to the breeding grounds but no vixen would mate with me so I thought... maybe I just wanted to know what it feels like, you know, to have sex. While you slept, I saw you laid out; you smelled so good and I just couldn't stop myself. I'm sorry." He lowers his ears in shame.

You feel bad for the guy. Even though he violated you in one of the most horrific ways, it’s hard to blame him. The air reeks of your heat. If how male pikachu acted around you in the tribe was any indication, you know your smell can drive males crazy. Even so, you don’t think you can forgive him.

“How can I trust you after this? It was a mistake for letting you come with me.”

“Your right Lulu, I can’t be trusted.” Tears start to well up in Xander’s eyes. “I thought that helping you would make me less like this, a loser. You are so different from me, confident and determined, everything I am not. I thought maybe along the way I could learn to be someone like you, but I’m not. I’m a disgusting pervert and a savage predator. Lulu…” he takes a deep breath. “When you were laying there, I was debating. I watched you for five long hours just debating. Debating on whether to rip into your throat. I came very close to eating you. That part of me is still there. I don't know if I could forgive myself if I did. Or worse, I may never feel bad about it at all. I'm a predator through and through, nothing is going to change that. For your safety, I'll leave you alone." Tears stream down his face and his voice chokes up, "I'll never be like a pikachu, I'll never be like you, Lulu." He gets up and runs off bawling. He disappears into the woods.

Wow, that kit has a lot of issues to unpack. It’s for the best he left. That was dangerous and foolish to let the vulpix come along. You should count yourself lucky he decided to violate you with his cock and not his teeth. You’ll need to be more careful along the way.

You sigh and look around. It is the early morning twilight hours. The stars are gone and the sky is a deep dark blue; the sun will be up soon. You did get a good night’s rest, about five hours, but still, need a couple more hours to be fully rested. You get a shiver thinking about Xander just watching you while you slept.

You begin to clean yourself of all the cum. It takes a while. Xander must have been pent up. You spit out the semen partially out of spite. If you swallowed it, it would feel more intimate, and that thought disturbs you. Still, the smell and the taste excites you and you start to feel your heat growing again.

You stop about halfway and look around. No one is watching. You can’t help yourself and lick a large glob of jiz in your mouth and start playing with it by rolling it around and letting it drip from the roof of your mouth. You open wide as if you are showing someone their work. While doing so, you begin playing with yourself, reaching your paw down between your legs and begin rubbing. Your thoughts drift to the dream of Norb. Some part of you wishes Norb defeated you yesterday and in your lust, imagine Norb won the fight and fucked you against your will. After just a few minutes you climax to the thought of Norb cumming in you. You swallow the cum as a subconscious symbol of taking his seed. The orgasm is intense and you lay on your back and moan.

After panting for a few minutes, you collect your thoughts. What the fuck is wrong with you? You suppress your dark desires once more and pretend they do not exist. It was good you masturbated; the heat can make you irrational and blowing off some steam is necessary sometimes. With a clear head, you finish cleaning yourself.

The sun has now risen and the sky blue. It is time to get going. You head back to where Xander ate last evening’s dinner. In just over thirty minutes, you make it back. You have breakfast: a second round of oran berries. This place seems safe; it will be good to finish resting here. You still need a couple of hours of sleep to be fully rested. Then you can continue on your journey.

You look around the area and see a tree with a crook just big enough to sleep inside. You climb up the tree and look; it’s a small space that looks like it hasn’t been occupied in quite some time. Some dry straw and twigs line the floor. It would be a perfect place to nap. You climb into the crook and curl up into a ball. You had a few close calls today, but all in all, it turned out okay. Maybe you are cut out for Thunder Mountain. You yawn and quickly fall asleep.

You wake up a little later than you intended, but it’s still early enough to get a good bit of traveling today. You climb out of the tree and head down. You stretch out the cramps and grab one last bite to eat from the oran bush. You clean up in the creek and prepare to set out. So many tribe members told you that you wouldn’t even last a night out here. but you did and you still feel at full power. Thunder Mountain doesn’t seem so far away now. You strike off south, reinvigorated in your quest.

After thirty minutes of travel, you hear peeping from a nearby tree. “Hey! That’s the pikachu!” It’s a feminine pidgey voice. Up in a tree is two pidgey with a nest full of three plump pidgey hatchlings.

The two adults flutter down to you and land on a fallen log. The other pidgey says in a boyish voice, “so, you're the pikachu that saved my mate from a vulpix last night?”

“Uh, yeah. I guess."

“Well, thank you. I don't know what I would do without her.”

The female pidgey chirps, "my name is Ava, by the way. And this is my mate Flappy. And those are my chicks above. We don’t name them until they know how to fly.” She leans in and whispers, “just in case they don’t make it.”

You respond, “oh, it’s no big deal. That vulpix was supposed to help me find a Thunder Stone, but he betrayed me. I’m lucky to be alive.”

Ava peeps, “You should never trust a vulpix. They are sneaks and scoundrels. We’ve lost so many friends and family to them. Assholes, every last one of them.” She pretends to spit on the ground.

Flappy says, “Hey, what’s your name? I would like to know to whom I owe my respect.”


“Thank you, Lulu. I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”

“Maybe you know how to get to Thunder Mountain? It’s where they say I can find a Thunder Stone.”

“Hmmm, sorry, I don’t really know. I’m not up on my pikachu mythology. There are some mountains to the west. But you would have to cross the river for that.”

“Is there any way to cross the river?”

“The only way is to keep heading south. Eventually, if you keep following the river south, you’ll get to a swamp. There’s a rough human path with some footbridges, but it’s still dangerous as hell. You think the forest is bad, wait till you meet some of the Pokemon living there. But that’s the only way unless you make a water friend to swim you across. There’s also a cliff up ahead. You’ll have to get down that too, then you’ll be in the southern forest and that place makes the central forest look like a paradise. I don’t know what else I can tell you. Any other questions?”

“I guess not.”.

Ava says, “Let me give you one last piece of advice If you travel much further south, you’ll be in his territory.”


“A noctowl, big mother fucker and loves eating rodents. Can you blame him though?” She shrugs her wings. “Anyways, he hunts at dusk and night. If you get caught out during that time, he will dine on pika tonight. Your electricity won’t matter if he puts you to sleep first. I don’t know how, but he has a way of sapping the energy out of his victims. I would hate to see a yellow owl pellet on the ground tomorrow morning after you helped me yesterday. Just get south of the cliff before dusk, and you’ll be fine. That shouldn’t be hard; the cliff is only five or so miles south of here.”

“Thanks, Ava.”

Flappy says, “well, it was nice meeting you, Lulu. Ava and I better get hunting for the day. Yesterday wasn’t a great food day for us. Good luck finding a Thunder Stone.”

Ava chirps, “goodbye, Lulu!”

“Goodbye and good luck raising your chicks,” you tell them. You leave them and head down the path.

As you leave, Flappy tells his mate, “I’m going to head north with the others. We are going to scavenge around a human campsite we saw a few days ago. Hopefully, the girl leaves some Poke-food out. She laid out some for us that one night, nice girl.”

Ava says, “okay, sweetie. I’ll forage around here. But be careful of Dawn. She seems off ever since her mate disappeared. I feel like she’s been stalking you.”

“You’re just being paranoid. Dawn is the least of my worries. You should be careful of vulpix; you know how they get this time of year...”

Their voices fade into the distance. You travel for an hour with no interactions until water drops on your nose. You look up to see a rain cloud moving in from the north. Low rolls of thunder shake the trees. It’s about to rain hard, but it doesn’t look like it will last long. Your journey will have to take a break until the rain passes. You find a healthy bush and sit under a big leaf. The rain starts to come down in waves.
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