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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 183 - Heat Dreams (PD) - By Megaladong - Overview
“I’ll take the first shift. So try and get a good sleep. I’m going to wake you up about halfway so you can take the watch.” You have a feeling you have a stronger will than the vulpix. After he gets some sleep and burns off the caterpie, he should be able to stay up.

“Sure thing Lulu.” He curls back up and closes his eyes. In just a few minutes he is snoring peacefully. You can hear his stomach, grinding away at the cooked meat.

You sigh and brace yourself. This is going to be a long few hours. You sit outside the log looking in the forest. Nothing happens for three hours. You almost doze off a couple of times but catch yourself. You get up and pace to keep the blood flowing. The night is cool and the nippiness helps a little, although, you would love nothing more than to curl up into a nice warm ball. You need something to keep your mind occupied. You wonder what the Fire Lily smells like. You sniff the flower, it smells smokey like wood burning and has a hint of a sweet odor, similar to an apple. You now wonder what it tastes like. You can’t help yourself and lean in for a bite.

Suddenly, a bush rustles nearby. You stop and turn to face the bush. You see two brown eyes peep through the shadows. A zigzagoon head pokes out into the moonlight. It sees you and looks just as surprised to see you as you are of it. A zigzagoon is not a threat to you when you are awake. They are omnivorous and are very opportunistic. It would have been one of those predators that would love to have caught you sleeping and would have made quick work of your neck. You stare at each other for a few seconds, then the zigzagoon quickly disappears into the woods, too afraid to challenge you.

You go back to pacing, forgetting about the Fire Lily. You wait for another three hours without incident. You are so tired when you walk over to Xander.

“Hey Xander,” you say groggily.

“Ugh,” he grunts in return.

“Xander, come on.” You begin shaking the vulpix with your front paws.

He finally wakes and looks at you with droopy eyes. “Okay, okay, I’m up.” He gets up, stretches and yawns. As he is stretching you see the red tip of his dick has unsheathed. You turn away, trying not to look, to save him the embarrassment. He shakes, making his skin flop back and forth. Xander walks from the log and paces, trying to wake up.

You yawn, “did you get a good sleep?”

He smiles, eyes still droopy but less so, “yeah I did. I’ll be fine to keep guard. Don’t worry, you're in good paws.”

You hope so. You smile at him and curl into a ball inside the cozy log. You fall asleep quickly. But before you do, you think you see Xander bend down to lick his dick.

You awake suddenly to a strange noise. You look outside the log; it’s still dark out but now a thick fog has settled. You don’t see Xander.

You poke your head out of the log. “Xander?” He’s not around at all. What happened to him? Did he run off? Or is there a predator? You walk out cautiously. “Xander?” Still no response.

The same bush that the zigzagoon came out of rustles. Is it the zigzagoon again? But it’s not; it’s Norb.

You get down and growl, “Norb, what the hell are you doing here? I told you I don’t want anything to do with you.”

“So you’re sleeping with a vulpix now? Guess pika-dick is too small for your loose hole? Lulu the fox fucker. Has a nice ring to it. Wait till I tell the tribe what you have become,” Norb snides.

“I didn’t sleep with him. We are a team, he is helping me find a Thunder Stone. What’s it to a failed rapist like you anyways; and what did you do to him?”

“Oh Lulu, don’t worry about him. It’s just you and me now. And if the vulpix hasn’t broken you in yet, I will.” Norb begins to walk towards you, his dick slowly unsheathing.

You growl and try to flash sparks but nothing comes out. You are sure you should be well-rested enough to have electricity. Norb keeps approaching with a smirk. You turn and try to run away but your legs are weak and it feels like you are treading water. What the hell is wrong with you? Norb quickly catches up and tackles you. He wrestles you to the ground, pinning you on your back.

“Get off me you fucking freak!” You yell at Norb.

“Your upper lips tell me one thing but your lower lips tell me another,” he says with a devious grin. He is right. The air is filled with your heat smell and you are unbelievably horny. Norb reaches down with his paw and touches your pussy. Oddly, his paw is cold and wet. Nevertheless, you gasp in pleasure.

“Ohhhh, fuck.” You say breathlessly. Why does this feel so good?

“That’s it bitch. You’re no different than the common doe. You’re meant to be pumped full of seed by a strong buck.” He says no more and unpins you to bring his head between your legs. You could run away but don’t. Your heat has taken control and you want cock so bad.

You spread your legs wider for him. He sniffs your pussy, pressing his cold nose against your cunt. It’s so sensitive you shake all over. He plunges his tongue deep inside. Oddly, his tongue is hot, hotter than you would have thought, and long, able to penetrate deep enough to hit your cervix. The sounds of savage sticky licking and your pleasure moans echo in the forest night.

Norb has fun with your cunt for a few minutes. You love every second. You’ve completely given up trying to resist him and just enjoy the moment. He finally stops, just as you are starting to cum. He stands on all fours and walks over you. You look down between his legs. His dick is fully out, huge, and rock hard; but it doesn’t look like any pikachu’s dick you’ve seen. In fact, it almost looks canine. It is thick, bright red, and bulbous. He lines up his freakish dick outside your ready cunt. All at once, he thrusts.

The sudden shock wakes you up. It was just a dream, your eyes begin to open, still groggy. It was a heat dream, you’ve had plenty before. But this one was different; it felt so real. In fact, you still feel like you’re being fucked. You blink, you are on your back looking up at a cream-colored fur chest. Following the chest up, you see the under-chin of Xander. His tongue hangs out one side as he pants hard. You look down and see Xander humping your ass. His dick is inside your pussy pounding away. Your inner walls gladly welcome Xander's cock and squeeze tight around the warm red prick. Still turned on by the dream, you lay your head back down and enjoy the relatively large cock having its way with you.

You reach up to clutch the soft warm fur of the vulpix and softly moan, “ohhh... fuck yeah.”
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