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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 184 - Wait? What!? - By Megaladong - Overview
Suddenly, time comes to a halt around you. An abra wearing a construction hard hat appears from thin air in front of you. He is hovering about two feet off the ground.

"Hello Lulu," he says to you telepathically. How does he know your name?

"Unfortunately, the choice you have made has not yet been determined. Your fate is still undecided." What is he talking about? "Thank you but your life is still being written. Please check back on the first of the month for updates."

"Wait, what..." you ask him but he snaps his weird claw-like fingers, your memory is wiped and you are sent back in time.

(Thank you for reading, but this is a work in progress. If you have interest in this page, PM me and I might just fast-track it.)
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