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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 201 - Tied up in Knots - By Megaladong - Overview
You're going to seduce him; the question is how best to do this. You look up at him but he is looking straight ahead with a stoic face. You put on your best shy, sultry voice and tell him, "you're so smart and strong. I didn't stand a chance. Now my little body is all yours, and there's nothing I can do to stop you from doing anything you want to me." You push your ass back into his undercarriage and rotate your hips just enough to cause friction but not to seem like you are doing it on purpose.

"Shut up pikachu. I don't talk to my food," he growls, still looking straight ahead. That may be what he said, but he is blushing slightly and a warm tip of a red prick pokes your ass just an inch away from your cunt.

You ignore him and continue, "Zoya must be happy to have you as a mate."

He chortles, "Zoya's not my mate; Roxy is."

You figured as much. You've seen enough vulpix mate pairs at the watering hole to know that younger males wind up with older females and vice versa. So you play into that, "that's a shame. A cute, strong guy like you deserves better."

He groans, "you're telling me."

"You know, in the pikachu tribe, the younger females go for younger bucks?" Not exactly true but he doesn't need to know that.

"That so?" He mumbles.

"Yeah, we prefer dicks that get hard when we need them too."

"Oh, yeah?" He finally looks down at you. You give him big seductive eyes and bite your lip. He looks stunned by your sexual advances; he blushes, his eyes are wide, and his dick is half out of the sheath. You can fill it twitch every time you coyly rub it. Your plan obviously is working on the young vulpix, aided strongly by the smell of your heat. He shakes his head and pulls it back up. He gulps nervously.

You keep up the attack, "it's so sad, really. That I'll die a virgin." A half-truth; while no one has ever came in you, the incident with Xander yesterday and last year, another incident with an older mated pikachu have made the insides of your pussy familiar with cock. Plus, lesbian intercourse, if that counts, is common practice amongst unmated doe for both bonding purposes and to relieve some of the ill effects of uncontrollable heat lust.

His voice squeaks, "v-virgin?" Dex's dick is now fully out of his sheath and pressed hard into your ass. His eyes are closed tight and his face is scrunched up.

"I'll never know what it’s like to have sex. That's my only regret…"

You let that hang in the air. His face is so clenched you can see all of his gritted teeth. His face relaxes suddenly, "well I'd hate to kill you with any regrets." He looks back down on you with a devious smile. “How ‘bout we mark that off your bucket list?”

You feign shy ignorance, “what do you mean?”

He pulls his hips back, dropping his dick to where it is just poking the outside of your cunt. You begin to shiver with excitement. You may have started this to seduce him but your heat lust has now taken control; you might want this as much as him. Dex, despite being young, is clearly powerful, handsome, and competent, and being under him turns you on. Your body goes on auto-pilot, and you raise your hips up so he can penetrate you more easily.

Dex whispers in your ear, “you know what I mean, slut. I can smell your heat. Your cunt is just begging for a cock to fill it. And you informed me earlier that your little body is all mine, and there's nothing you can do to stop me from doing anything I want.” He pokes the tip just inside your cunt. You let out a breathless gasp. He continues. “Now that may be true, but I’m a predator, not a pervert; I won’t do this if you don’t want. You were easy to catch, so I would like to work up an appetite before dinner. Tell me, how about we have a little fun before we have to get down to business?”

You can’t control yourself, “p-please.”

“Please, what?”

“Fuck me like a bitch.” You plead.

He chuckles but says nothing else. He bites your left ear then quickly unpins your shoulders and brings his front legs to hook your hips, locking you into place. He presses you back into his warm underbelly and releases your ear. You are locked tight to him; your plan to slip away will have to wait for now; not that your body wants to leave anyway.

You look between your legs to see a rock-hard canine dick fully unsheathed and resting on your belly. Xander’s fit in you so it should fit but this one looks bigger and almost has a presence of its own. The thought of that having its way with your pussy excites you and makes you shiver.

Dex brings his open panting maw to your left side. He must see you checking him out because he says, “you like? Bigger than a pikachu’s? At least this will be something you’ll never forget.” He adjusts his dick to line up outside your cunt and leans in slowly. Your wet folds separate for him but tighten as he presses deeper. Both prey and predator grunt as he tries to force his way into your honey hole.

Suddenly, your pussy gives way to the fox’s cock, stretching to fit snugly. “PIIIIIIIII…” you grunt as you are stretched to your limits.

“Oh shit,” huffs Dex, “you’re tight as fuck...” He almost sounds unsure of himself like he knows he won’t be able to hold on for long.

You huff back, “what's the matter, big guy? *huff* Can’t handle a young little doe, like me?” You squeeze your walls around his cock, teasing the inexperienced cock into twitching and the vulpix into a shallow gasp. “Too bad my first and last time won’t be very long.”

Dex groans, “oh, I won’t let you down.” He starts growling and blowing steam from his nostrils. You look up to his eyes. They are glazed over like they were when he hunted you. He must be going into a feral state of mind to increase his stamina. The sight kicks in your prey instincts again and you become fearful. But with him attached to you, you can’t escape.

Dex begins feverishly humping your ass.


Your bodies making love ring out in the forest. The large fox dick makes short thrust back and forth in your sopping wet pussy; somehow him being a predator makes you all the more horny. The tip of the long cock pokes your cervix, sending little waves of pain up your spine, but it only increases your overall pleasure. You forget for the moment what this all means, how this will all end, and just focus on you, him, and the raw, passionate sex. Your eyes roll back in your head, your face pulses bright red, and your tongue hangs out the side of your mouth.

Despite Dex going feral to increase his stamina, the inexperienced cock, too used to the well-worn folds of an older female, can not hold on in the tight pika-cunt for no more than a minute. He picks up the blistering pace as he is about to blow.

Dex reaches down to bite the scruff of your neck, biting hard enough to hurt but not draw blood. His maw is hot like a summer's day and scalding steam from his nostrils burns the back of your head. He makes one last hard thrust, forcing his dick just to poke into your womb. The cock twitches, filling you directly with hot semen. Another twitch sends more seed to fill your hungry snatch. The base of his cock, now well inside, swells into a bulb-like mass, locking your cunt in place.

“ChaaAAA…” you scream in both pleasure and pain. This feels so right to be bred like a bitch and you go into an orgasm, squeezing and contracting around the vulpine dick, trying to draw every last drop out of it. Dex collapses on top of you, pushing you to the ground. He lays there still pumping you full of seed. Your cunt, now filled to the brim and dancing to the thought, shoots excess semen backward like a water gun, coating his thighs and your ass in fresh cum, squelching as it does.

He twitches a few more times then goes limp. Your orgasm dies down and you do the same. He lets go of your neck and you both lay there panting for a minute. As your heat cloud lifts, you remember why you did this, to begin with. Dex is laying limp enough, you could probably wiggle out from under him and make a dash for it. You tug, but the bulb in the base of his dick is still locked tight in your cunt. Shit… you forgot that vulpix knot their mates. And with you being so tight, you aren't going anywhere anytime soon; you’ll have to switch up tactics. Maybe you can convince him to let you go now that you've had sex.

After catching your breath, you tell him, “My name is Lulu, by the way.”

“Shit,” he puffs. He hikes his leg and looks down and the hot, sticky mess you’ve made. “Fuck… I-I didn’t mean to cum in you. Gods damn it...” He sounds upset.

You keep up the pressure, “so you still are going to eat me, even after this?”

He lets out a sad sigh and rolls over, taking you with him. He begins licking the back of your head gently. He stops and says, “no, I guess I won’t eat you…”

“R-really?” you ask in disbelief.

“Yes, but you have to promise me one thing…”

“Anything…” anything is better than being ripped to shreds and cooked alive.

“You have to promise to raise my pichu right.”


He chuckles, “you didn’t know? Where in the same egg group. I can tell by how your heat smells exactly like the vixens’.”

“W-what?” You did know that some other Pokemon could impregnate you but you didn’t know vulpix were in that group. You just assumed it was other rodent-like Pokemon. Your quest for a Thunder Stone is over but at least you're not dead. You sigh and say, “I’ll treat them the best I can.”

“Good… Thank you. I’ve seen how you pikachu live. It is so much better than what my kits have to live through in the wild. It will be nice knowing one of my young won’t grow up in this hell.”

“What about your pack?”

“I’ll just say you escaped or another predator attacked and you got away then. They’ll be super pissed at me but I can take the heat.”

It feels freeing not to have the looming fact of your impending death over your head, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

*Snap* A twig breaks in the brush nearby and sounds of rustling leaves approach.

“Shit… they’re back,” Dex whispers. Oh no, the knot is still tight in you. Dex quickly gets up, places his paws on your back shoulders for leverage, and leans his hindquarters back. He is trying to force the knot out but your greedy vagina refuses to let go. You both grunt and he tries to force himself out.

Dex grunts, “relax... Lulu.” That’s easy for him to say. It hurts so bad that every time he almost breaks free your cunt clamps down again. He tries for a few more seconds, then stops…

He says, “uhhh... hi guys!”

You look over to see three stunned vulpix staring at the sight of Dex knotted to you. This can’t be good.

Maz reacts first with a deep belly laugh. “Well, that’s one way to keep her pinned!” He keeps laughing.

Roxy is not as amused though. She lets out a dark growl, rolling puffs of black smoke emanating from the corners of her lips, “what the FUCK Dex!”

Dex lets go of your shoulders and stands up straight. You dangle between his furry, cum-soaked hindlegs; your head barely touching the ground. You keep trying to free yourself by kicking off his thighs but to no use. Dex says, “uh… R-Roxy, this isn’t what it looks like.”

“Don’t fuck with me kit.” She growls back. Roxy begins to circle her cheating mate menacingly. “I’ve been with plenty of reynards over the years, and I know exactly what you were planning on doing.” She calls over to Maz, “Maz, hold the kit; I’m going to teach him a lesson he won’t forget.”

Maz trots over to Dex, chuckles, and says to him, “If you want to keep your cock, don’t move a muscle.” Maz bites the scruff on Dex’s neck.

“What are you guys doing!?” Exclaims Dex.

Roxy comes around to his hindquarters, where you are dangling. She growls in your face, “thought you could fuck your way to freedom?”

“N-no, please Roxy. Don’t do this,” you plead with her as tears stream down your face. She lets out a horrendous snarl and gnashes her teeth. All of the sudden, Roxy lunges forward for your neck, maw opened wide, dripping with saliva. You scream in vain, “PIKAAA-” but your screams are cut short as Roxy sinks her teeth deep into your exposed neck, replacing the screams with gurgling blood. Roxy wastes no time and rips your throat completely out. You watch in horror as Roxy stands over you with a limp esophagus in her maw. Blood gushes from your missing throat, washing over your head like the waterfall they caught you at.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, ROXY!?” Screams Dex in terror as the mother of his future pichu is killed. But Roxy does not respond. She doesn't even bother to eat the meat she tore from you and instead tosses it to the side.

Roxy goes back in, this time for your belly, sinking her teeth deep in the fatty gut. You are losing so much blood so fast that you are already beginning to get faint. But that doesn't stop the pain from being intense. You squirm and gargle as she rips your gut wide open. Guts spill down like vines from a tree, draping over your head, rubbing your brutal fate literally in your face.

Dex, not pleased that his cock is being used as a shishkebab and that you are being brutally murdered under him, yells, “STOP, ROXY! THIS ISN’T RIGHT!” His voice squeaks as emotions of grief well up in his throat.

Roxy doesn’t care though and tosses your bacon to the side with a splat. You are still kicking and gurgling at the pain but now weaker. The only good thing about your fate is that being upside down and your throat gashed means you are bleeding out quickly and this will all be over soon. But not soon enough.

Roxy sticks her snout in the gaping hole she created and begins rooting around like she is looking for truffles. Each one of her movements feels like a punch to the gut and makes a disgusting wet sticky squish. Soon, she must find what she was looking for as she bites down on something. Great pain is sent around your body but you can now only weakly struggle. She tears it out. In her maw, your detached womb, with two white ovaries on either side, drips with blood and cum. Roxy's head is half covered in blood and gore. She leaves you to bleed out and brings the womb around front to Dex.

Dex does nothing but whimper and sob. Roxy tosses the womb in front of him with a splat. “Eat it,” Roxy says, in a strangely calm voice.

“No Roxy. Don’t make me.” Dex pleads.

“Eat the fucking womb or I leave to the forest, and you can raise our kits by yourself.”

“Roxy… please… I get the point. I won’t cheat on you again.”

“EAT IT!” She screams, her voice now squeaks with emotions. “I know you think I’m ugly and old! That I’m no good! You were going to cum in her then let her go to raise your child, right?” Dex does not respond. “Then MY kits would go hungry tonight because you wanted to try a tight young cunt and to have more offspring outside of mine. WELL FUCK THAT! Your MY mate this year and if you don’t give me your all, then both our kits won’t survive the winter, so tell me, am I just wasting my fucking time? Eat her gods damned womb right here right now and prove to me you care more about my kits than her’s.”

Maz has released Dex’s scruff and says, in a calm reassuring manner, “just do it, Dex.”

Dex lets out a nervous gulp then bends down and picks up your womb into his maw. Roxy growls one last command, “raw.”

Dex begins mashing the cum and blood-soaked fleshy womb in his teeth, making a disturbing squishing sound as he does. Dex gags a few times almost retching up your womb. But he keeps his composure and soon, *gluk* he swallows it down. Dex opens his maw to Roxy to prove he has eaten you. On the other side of the cream-colored fur belly, you hear his stomach start to churn with the new guest inside. But it doesn't sound happy. It sounds more like a stomach after eating something it shouldn’t have.

“Good,” says Roxy.


Your pussy, finally drained of most blood, relaxes to a point where the knot slips out. You make a thud on the ground but can go nowhere as you are now too weak. You lay their limp under Dex’s stomach. His cock hangs perpendicular to the ground - a long strand of cum dangles from the tip.

Dex leaves and the other three vulpix gather around your dying body. Maz gets straight down to business as though nothing just happened, “okay will eat the guts here then carry the rest back for our kits.” The two vixens nod in agreement.

The pack of vulpix, minus Dex, tears into your exposed guts, cooking them as they eat. Fortunately, you no longer feel pain and your body grows cold. You think you should be upset about your fate, but this close to death, it doesn’t seem so bad. The vulpix hunted you and won. Now they get to feed themselves and their kits with your body. They'll rest easy tonight knowing they won't have to hunt until tomorrow. Somehow that thought makes you happy. As you fade, a peace washes over you.


Dex watches, from a prone position, his pack eviscerate Lulu, his gut rumbling angrily with her womb inside. He feels sick to his stomach. He shouldn't feel bad; he just met Lulu and she was just a stupid prey, but he was looking forward to seeing her at the watering hole, pregnant with his young. To think one of his young would-be a pichu made him happy, but now it feels all wrong.

"Hey Dex," Maz yells to him, face covered in Lulu's gore. "If you're going to eat, better come over now before it's gone."

"Uhhh… nah, I'm good. I'm not really hungry right now." Even though he is hungry, he feels like if he ate another bite he would throw up.

Maz laughs, "more for us then."

Over the next five minutes, the pack ravages Lulu's body and divides up her remains into pieces; two legs, a head, a howl rib cage, and a detached tail.

Dex gets up and approaches Roxy to apologize, "look, Roxy, I'm sorry."

"Shut up, kit," she snaps back. "Don't be a bitch and apologize to your vixen. It dries out my cunt faster than a drought."

"I wouldn't want that; It's already dry enough," snaps back Dex.

Roxy laughs, "Ha, that's more like it… just don't do that shit again or I'll be feeding your dick to you next time. If you want to be a degenerate and fuck prey, do it on your own time after our kits' tails split."

"Understood." They say no more. The group discusses how to carry the meal back to the breeding ground; Dex gets the task of carrying the ribcage. He bites the meat but it doesn't taste good to him. It almost makes him gag again. The group trots off to the breeding grounds to bring back their pika-banquet to hungry kits.


Thus, ending your story. You were brutally killed not just for food but to make an example out of a cheating mate. You are forgotten by the tribe as just another member lost to the foreboding wilderness. But the pack of vulpix will always remember you and not just because you were delicious. They'll remember you for the gruesome way you were killed on Dex's knot. But Dex was affected most of all. After what happened, he can never really stomach the thought of eating pikachu ever again. Something about being forced to eat your womb raw makes him lose his taste for pikachu. He never eats pikachu meat again for as long as he lives - even though the opportunity presents itself a few times. You leave no legacy. But hey, at least you didn't die with any regrets!
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