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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 208 - The Taming of Lulu - By Megaladong - Overview
You aren’t going to be Flik’s mate, and you aren’t giving up on the hope of finding a Thunder Stone, and you sure as hell aren’t running into the Dark Forest. You take a moment to double-check to see if no chu is watching; none are paying attention to you. You take a deep breath then bolt off to your left, running as fast as you can…

From behind, Dale shouts, “What!? That bitch is running! AFTER HER!!!” The sounds of stampeding, pattering paws give chase. You don’t let up and keep running through the thick undergrowth. You are fast, probably one of the fastest in the tribe, but these are all the most powerful chus giving chase right now. You’ll have to be flawless in your escape. You dash through the forest passing by in a blur of greens and browns, expertly weaving your way through fallen branches and trees. The paws of your pursuers fade with each passing step… except for one pair. You glance over your shoulder to see Simon, a tall, slender, yet powerful pikachu renowned for his speed, still keeping pace with you. Fuck, he’s fast! But his slightly larger body prevents him from weaving his way through the growth as fast as you, and with each step, you put a little more distance between him and you.

You keep dodging through the growth, putting about thirty yards between you and Simon. You run for another minute when a tangle of roots snags your front paws. You tumble head over heel to a stop. Shit! Without time to build up speed before Simon catches you, your only option is to hide. You quickly hide behind the base of a big tree just five feet away, back pressed hard against the rough bark. You hold your heavy panting breath the best you can.

Simon, only a little behind, catches up in a few seconds. He must not have seen where you hid for he stops where you took your spill, sniffing the ground where you tripped. Simon takes his time sniffing towards you, each inch closer makes your heartbeat a tick faster. You have no idea what they will do to you if they catch you.

Simon, now on the other side of the tree, takes his time sniffing at the base. You hold your breath and clench in anticipation. Soon, the tip of Simon’s snout appears to your right, wiggling with each whiff. It stops suddenly. Thankfully, it retracts and disappears back from which it came. You breathe a sigh of relief.

Suddenly from the left, “gotcha bitch!” You look over just in time to see a pouncing Simon flying toward you.

“PIKA!” You scream in shock as Simon collides with you, wrestling you to the ground with him on top. His front arm gets too close to your mouth and you bite it in hopes of him letting you free; the taste of pikachu blood washes over your tongue.

“FUCKEN CUNT!” Simon yells. He reels back his other arm and slaps you hard across the temple. The strike was so strong, it dazes you. You release your bite and Simon takes this moment to jab a couple of cheap shots just below your rib cage. He yells to the tribe, “I’ve got her over here!” He looks at his bloody arm and curses under his breath.

Soon the other pikachu all surround you. “Let her up.” Says Dale in a calm voice. Simon gets off and you stumble to your paws, still dazed from the slap. Before you can get your footing, Dale headbutts your side, tossing you over and making you yelp. A few more bucks come around and kick you while you are down. You can hear your father crying and pleading, “please! Don’t do this. Anything but this!”

Dale says, “You, bucks... Take Wible away, back home. He shouldn't have to see this.”

A dozen or so pikachu surround your father and drag him away, him kicking and screaming, “no! Please, Dale. I beg you!” But his pleading fades as he is taken away.

They stop kicking you once you’ve been thoroughly beaten into submission. Every inch of your body aches. And you just lay there mumbling, “w-what… are you going to do?” No one responds.

Dale says, “Simon, you okay?"

"Yeah…" responds Simon. He looks at his bloody arm, most blood has already dried. "I've had much worse from rattata. I'll be fine."

"Good." Dale turns his attention to the other pikachu, "I saw a good place nearby; let’s take this over there.” They drag you by your tail to a nearby clearing and set you in the middle. Eight of the most powerful pikachu, including Dale and Simon, all loom around you in a circle.

Dale tells you, “get to your paws.” You stand up slowly. The beating has hurt you badly but not as bad as you first thought. You are just lightly bruised but hurt enough where you can not escape or resist whatever these bucks have in store for you.

Dale speaks, “Lulu, we gave you a second chance back at the vulpix breeding grounds. We warned you that leaving the tribe for Thunder Mountain would lead to such a thing but you did not listen. Many of us have young bucks of our own, and to see such a pretty doe leave the tribe and make courtship competition harder for our pups, made letting you go difficult; and many arguments broke out amongst us to keep you in the tribe against your will. But the Elder reminded us of our traditions. It is any pikachu’s right, regardless of gender, to seek a Thunder Stone. And so we kept to the traditions of old.

“But clearly that was a mistake, and even after seeing the horrors of the wild first hand, you elected to deny our kindness in letting you return. You are as good as a trouble-making outsider. And do you know what we do to outsiders that cause us grief? You wouldn’t know, would you?”

You shake your head no.

“No, and that may be part of the problem. See, the whole tribe is designed to protect our females, not only from predators but from the truth of what we have to do to keep them safe. I’ll tell you what we do to outsiders that threaten or annoy us: We execute them rip them limb from limb and leave the bits for the pidgey... That’s what we do, Lulu.” You gulp. “That is... if they are a buck…”

Dale enters the middle of the group and begins to circle you. “But…” he says as he approaches your hindquarters, “if they have this between their legs…” He lifts your tail and savagely licks your engorged, wet pussy. You shake and shiver in pleasure and a small gasp comes from your mouth. You are already horny somehow; almost like your body knew this was going to happen and is excited at the prospect. Dale licks his lips clean of your juices and continues, “...then we have a different way of dealing with them.

“Over my years, I’ve seen plenty of headstrong, brave little doe, like yourself, get broken in and tamed by a cock. It seems that once their wombs are filled to the brim with strong, creamy seed, they become what the gods intended them to be: submissive little egg factories.” Dale whispers into your ear. “How about that, Lulu? You think you’re any different than the common doe? Let's test that theory out; Once all of the bucks here have had their go, then you can leave if you want. But I have a strong feeling you’ll be waddling back with us, bow-legged.”

“N-no, please don’t, Dale. I’ll go back with you right now. Just don’t do this.” You beg.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Lulu. Time for that has passed. Besides, we can all smell you.” You look around to see all the bucks’ cocks slowly unsheathing and some have shit-eating grins on their faces. “You want it too; don’t lie.” He’s right; some part of you does want this. You’ve had heat dreams similar to this where all the most powerful males of the tribe run train on you, but you’ve never told anyone those fantasies. Looks like dreams do come true; just in a sick twisted way.

“P-please…" you aren't sure if you're telling them don't or do. The musky scent of all the powerful males is getting to you, and your pussy quivers at the thought of being ravaged.

Dale chuckles, "don't worry, little doe. We have just the tool to scratch that itch you can't reach." Dale pats your head and starts running his paw slowly down your length, starting at your head, teasing you as he goes by softly groaning as he enjoys inspecting the doe that will soon be under him. You shiver in anticipation more and more the closer he gets to your hind end.

Dale reaches down and begins to stroke your cunt tenderly. Clearly, Dale is experienced pleasing a twat for he knows exactly all the buttons to push and when. As you're being violated, tears drip off your cheeks at a steady pace and you clench your face, trying not to show that you are enjoying this, but your blushing cheeks and occasional soft moaning slipping out betrays your true feelings.

"Such a lovely, juicy cunt," he says as he toys with you, "ever since you evolved, Lulu, you've been the talk of many bucks. This pretty pink pussy has been the desire of many cocks, including mine and I'm sure, the others here. But we couldn't get at you because of our laws and traditions. But fortunately, there are no such traditions out in the wilderness; the only law out here is the will of the stronger. A lesson you failed to learn from those vulpix." The bucks around chuckle and begin stroking their now hard dicks to you being molested.

Dale plays with you in front of the other for a good two minutes. Every flick, squeeze, prod, and rub makes you moan like a bitch and legs quiver uncontrollably. Your pussy is like putty in the paws of the seasoned pikachu, and you can not help but submit the happy twat to Dale's musings. Why does this feel so good? About to squirt yourself in front of everyone, you try to prevent your embarrassment by clamping your cunt tight, trying to hold back the incoming climax, but the more you resist the greater the warmth between your thighs builds. But Dale can tell you are on the verge of cumming, and he tells you, "That's it, Lulu. Give up trying to hold it in. Let us smell that second season heat… now be a good girl and…" he squeezes your pussy lips tight just at the right moment to release the floodgates, "...squirt."

"PIIIIII," you moan in pure bliss, collapsing to the ground, legs shaking uncontrollably as all at once, your body gives in to the orgasm it was trying to stop. Dale keeps the squeeze on as your body, on his command, releases a powerful piss and pussy juice-filled stream from your cunt, launching a good three feet back. All the bucks take a big whiff as the air becomes drenched in the smell of a fertile bitch's heat. A chorus of devious chuckles follows.

Once your orgasm dies down, you begin sobbing in humiliation and defeat. Your body just gave them the green light to rape you.

"Good doe, such an obedient bitch. You are already halfway to knowing your place..." Dale mocks you. "Now, let's satisfy that heat." Dale pounces on your head, placing his paws atop your skull, pushing your face into the ground; his body standing over you and his dick hanging down near your tail. You look up into his eyes; he smiles down on you smugly and gives you one last command, "raise those hips, sweetie." Against your own will, your body obeys Dale and lifts your back into his underbelly so he can penetrate you easily. Why can't you stop yourself? If you struggled and made them fight for it, at least you could keep some of your dignity, but there's no denying it; you're a whore for cock.

Dale says no more and wiggles his ass so yours snugly locks into the crook of his hips. With you firmly in his reproductive wheelhouse, he lines his tapered mouse cock outside your ready snatch. He enters in slowly, taking his time and making sure not to hurt your, mostly, virgin pussy. It fits perfectly, just like the gods designed; it was meant to be. Dale, like his pawing your cunt before, knows how best to please a needy doe, and he starts slowly pounding away at your ass, making deep, long, steady thrusts. Warmth builds between your thighs once more and you start to gasp and moan. It feels so right to be bred like a bitch that you forget what this all means and just enjoy the cock having fun, and returning the favor, inside your wet folds.

The bucks around hoot, holler, and stroke their own dicks, patiently waiting their turn. Over the next four minutes, Dale keeps increasing his tempo until he comes to a blistering pace…

*plat-pap-spat-fap-plap-pap* your bodies clapping together in perfect rhythm ring out in the forest. Your whole body buzzes, your eyes roll into the back of your head, your tongue hangs out the side, and your face pulsates bright red - Dale really knows how to fuck a doe silly. In that moment, you are nothing but his good, little, cock-warming bitch… and you love it.

Your legs begin to shake and your body shivers; you are about to cum. Dale, inconsiderate enough to rape you but considerate and experienced enough to make sure you enjoy it, has timed his orgasm to yours. All at once…

"Piii...KAAA!!!" Dale screams in pleasure as the first stream of warm cum exits his dick with force, landing deep in your hungry snatch.

At the same time, "CHAAAaaaAAAaaa," you scream back in ecstasy as your walls welcome the fresh pika-seed by contracting, trying to pull it deeper. Your two bodies work together in perfect harmony to propagate the species; it is what they were made to do, after all. And for your success in reproduction, your body rewards you by making this the most blissful moment in your short life.

The second stream twitches out of Dale's tip, making sure not to leave any part unfilled, and you help in that process by squeezing tight around the cock, trying to milk it for every last drop. Dale collapses onto you, his dick still twitching as it pumps you full. Both of you orgasm for the next few seconds and are left breathless as you recover. Why does this feel so right?

Dale pants into your ear, "shit… that's some good pussy." Somehow, him saying that makes your heart flutter.

Meanwhile, the crowd around jeers, "you made her squeal like a rattata!" "Damn, Dale. You need to show me some pointers for my old lady!" "Come on! You've had your fun. Our turn!"

"Alright, alright…" Dale casually rolls off you. As his dick exits, rich creamy cum oozes from your freshly fucked fun funnel. Dale slaps your left ass cheek hard, making you yip in surprise, a quiet queef bubble out of your pussy, and your ass jiggle slightly, and he says, "she's all yours, boys… have at'er. Just remember, do what you want with her other holes, but every buck has to cum in that spade. And mix the seed up real good, that way no one will know the father…"

As the bucks begin to close in on the defeated doe, you meekly plead for mercy, "N-no, please don’t. I-I learned my lesson. I'll go back with you…" but the looks on their faces say they either didn’t hear you or don't care. They now loom over you, like hungry predators circling around a helpless prey; a situation you've now been the subject of twice in as many hours. The only difference being which need these beasts intend to satiate.

One of the bucks shouts, "Simon, you got bit by the bitch - so I'd say you get first pick."

"Hmmm," Simon ponders as he inspects your body, "I want to break in that tight tail hole."

The bucks laugh and one says, "of course you would."

The seven horny bucks make their move all at once. Greedy grubby paws envelop your tiny body: yanking your ears and tail, grasping at tufts of fur, tweaking your nipples, pinching your cheeks, and teasing your naughty bits. You sink into the sea of yellow fur, soft chubby bodies, and hard dicks. You sob quietly but otherwise, do nothing to impede their progress. The group tussles you around with ease, arguing, without a word just primal grunts, on how best to breed you.

Soon, the writhing bodies come to a conclusion: you are laid stomach to stomach atop a larger buck, his cock poised to enter your already cum-soaked, sore pussy. You look down in his eyes as a wicked grin spreads across his face. He quickly grabs the tops of your hips and thrusts you with force down on his hard cock.

"CHAAA," you scream in pain. This buck's dick is bigger than Dale's and the sudden, hard thrust hurts you. The buck below begins to thrust into you with power, without being very gentle about it either. He seems less concerned about if you enjoy it than Dale did.

As the buck below has his way, a strong tug pulls your tail straight up. You look back to see Simon, pulling your tail up to get at your ass hole. His long, slender cock pokes your virgin sphincter. He hangs your tail over his shoulder then quickly grabs the crook of your hips and with all his might, plunges deep, hard, and raw into your ass. "KAAAAA…" You scream twice as loud as the rubbery cock grates against your dry insides. Simon cares even less than the buck below; you bit him after all; this must be part of his revenge. Simon pounds away as fast as he can, your ass clapping off his thighs. Fortunately, Simon's dick is more merciful than him and after a few thrusts, shoots a good amount of pre-cum to help lubricate your tail hole.

After a few seconds, your hind end gets used to the new guest and your body begins to buzz once more. The two dicks complement each other well by making the opposing hole they are fucking tighter. And, with every one of Simon's thrust, his balls slap your pussy lips, only adding to the pleasure by sending a tingling sensation up your spine. You turn your head back around, close your eyes, and moan softly, "oh fuck yeah…" You wish it didn't feel good; then you could at least pretend you're not a slut.

Your newfound pleasure is interrupted rudely by something soft, warm, and smelling musty, landing on your snout. You open your eyes to be greeted by a sagging ballsack resting firmly on your face. Looking up, you see a towering dick looming over you, and behind that, a grinning pikachu face. You can't resist and you open up and the salty ball sack drops into your mouth. You suck and roll the nuts around gently.

The buck to whom the balls belong groans in pleasure. While stroking your head and his shaft, he says, "oh yeah… that's it, Lulu. Such a good little bitch. Why is it that the most defiant doe are the most submissive when it comes down to it?" You can't respond due to a mouth full of nutsack. Besides, it's rhetorical anyways.

Unconsciously, you find your right paw grasping around something warm and rubbery; must be a dick of another buck. Without thinking, you begin to jerk off the needy cock, and soon, your left paw finds itself doing the same chore. With all your pleasure ports currently occupied, the two remaining bucks on either side of you, caressing their dicks and rubbing them on your back, wait for a station to come open.

The buck above, satisfied with your ball job but wanting more, grabs your ears and tugs them hard upward so the tip of his dick is just outside your lips. Knowing what he wants, and wanting the same thing, you take his dick into your berry hole and suck up and down his solid shaft.

Worse than giving up, you have given in to the buck's will, and work diligently to help them use you as their cum bag. No denying it now; you love it… The sane part of you retreats deep into your mind, in a state of shock, and is replaced by the whore in you coming to the forefront; something that was always in there, but you tried to repress. Now all you want is to empty the balls of your rapist - if you can still call them that…

The only question now; which buck will blow first? You find your answer just two minutes later. The cock in your right paw pulsates and the buck lets out a breathless gasp. A ribbon of cum shoots from the tip about a foot into the air and lands in a stream on your head, ear, and face. Another pulse renders a similar outcome and another drapes even more cum on top of the once-proud doe. The buck falls over on his back in joyous exasperation, panting heavily and groaning softly. A fourth stream of semen sprays himself; though he does not seem to mind. The buck waiting in the wing steps over the ejaculating pikachu and places his cock in your paw, expecting the same service, and quickly finds himself receiving it.

The smell of fresh seed, along with the two bucks feverishly working on your behind and the cock in your mouth, is getting you worked up again; it is only a matter of time before you orgasm. It only takes another thirty seconds before you hear Simon gasp, “fuck…” The sound in his voice tells you he’s about to cum but doesn’t want to yet. But he can't hold on and soon, his dick twitches. Warm cum shoots, once again, deep inside you, only this time, in your asshole. The thought of your tail hole being used as a sex toy excites you into your second orgasm.

"Fuck, Simon! You're making her cum…" the buck below says indignantly; he seems upset that your pussy is dancing around his cock, forcing him to climax earlier than he wanted. But his dick can't hold on in your tight, squeezing snatch, and soon, he too is pumping you full of seed. The fact only amplifies your orgasm.

"Wait for me, guys!" The buck to whom your mouth is currently wrapped around yells. He places both paws on your head and forces it down his shaft. He begins face fucking you as hard and fast as he can. It hurts and your body tries to retch his cock out, but has no such luck, as the cock stays firmly in the back of your throat. It only takes ten seconds before he blows as well. Warm pikachu cum fills your mouth, throat, and sinuses. You gag but the only location the cum can go is out your nose. Semen, like snot from a crying pichu, bubbles out both of your nostrils. The cum tastes slightly sweet, like a sugary, underripe berry. This too, even though degrading and painful, only amplifies your overall pleasure.

"Fuck! This is too hot!" Shouts the buck to the left, who's the only buck to yet to get in on the action, as he shoots ribbons of cum onto your back. The four cocks pulse around you until they empty their load. Heavy breathing soon follows and soon, your climax dies down.

Simon and the pussy fucker take their dicks out and seed oozes from the holes, but the mouth fucker keeps your head down. He tells you, "swallow first, sweetie." Tears stream down your face and you shake your head no. "Do it, or I'll drown you in cum." With no other option than biting - which would probably end in them brutally killing you - you fight your natural urges and gulp his sweet cum down around his dick. Your throat fights back, but eventually, you get enough down to where he pats you on your head and says, "Good doe. Don't worry; the first time is the hardest, but after we're done here, you'll be drinking it like it's water." He takes his dick out and you immediately gasp and cough profusely, strands of cum flinging out with each hack.

Just as you catch your breath, you feel another warm rod poke your backside. The two remaining bucks who have yet to have their fun now take their turn. One of them wraps you up, arms around your chest, and hoists you up into the air. Your legs kick meekly as you fight in vain to break free. His dick now rests outside your deflowered asshole. The other buck comes up and sandwiches you between them; his dick now waiting outside your soon-to-be thrice fucked pussy. Over his shoulder you see Dale, laying with his back against a tree and a have flaccid dick out, playing with it slowly, watching the scene with a complacent smile.

The buck in front says to you, "hope they haven't broken you in too much, Lulu; we're just getting started…"

...and he wasn’t lying…

The next hour is a blur of yellow, fountains of cum, and countless orgasms. Your body is tossed between bucks like a sex doll, taking shifts and making sure none of your holes are left vacant for long. No buck there is less than twice your age, and each one has years of sexual experience. And they make sure to share their wisdom with you, giving you insights into sex you never thought possible. They contort you in just about every shape and way imaginable; each cock and position puts pressure on your pussy walls in a different way, making every fuck a unique experience.

Finally, only one buck has yet to cum in your pussy. You lay on your back why the buck stands over you, his paws pinning your shoulders. Your legs, like a good little bitch, are spread wide for him and he is currently taking full advantage by pounding away. Each one of his thrust makes a disgusting squlrp sound as his dick moves about the already cum-stuffed pussy. All the other bucks lay around on their backs or side, exacerbated in ecstasy and exhaustion. Each buck came in or on you at least three times, but some four or five; and one pent up buck, six. But now it looks like they have had just about all they can take… that is, except for Dale. Dale has sat patiently on the sideline jerking his own meat, at a leisurely pace, to you being defiled, seeming to enjoy the sight.

“PIIIIIIIII…” the last buck grunts as he cums. Each pulse of his shaft sends globs of semen flowing out of your over-bred egg-hole. Too dead on the inside to orgasm yourself, you just watch, but still enjoy it in some strange way. Once finished, the last buck gets off, rolls on his back, pants with tongue hanging out, and his back left leg twitching. Another satisfied customer.

You sit up and inspect the damage. You look miserable; between your legs is a gaping, throbbing cunt hole overstuffed with seed. Each buck’s semen is a different consistency, and it bubbles out of you slowly, like a spring made of mud. Below that, your tail hole is in a similar state. As for the rest of your body, no inch is left unsoiled. Strands of cum of different degrees of freshness - ranging from dry and caked into your fur to still warm and runny - paints your body. Your mouth, one of the favored fun ports of the bucks, still has globs of seed dripping from the roof, and your nose leaks cum as though it was snot. From inside your belly, a dinner's worth of creamy protein glugs away; you won't go hungry tonight. A single strand of cum dangles from your right ear, waving back and forth in front of your face, almost taunting you.

You think you should be upset at what you've been forced through but the mother in you likes seeing you stuffed with strong seed. Any one of the bucks present would make a good mate, and their offspring, coupled with your good, youthful genes, would most likely be powerful as well. The creampie pichu raffle nestled deep in your womb excites you. You wonder which seed will fertilize your egg first - if one hasn't already. You hope it's Dale's; his did get a head start after all.

You just gaze at your deflowered body with almost childlike wonderment. Your admiration of the bucks’ work is interrupted by a dark chuckling. You look up to see Dale standing just a foot in front, masturbating his own dick at a steady pace. “So…” he says with a half-smirk, “what do you say, Lulu? You still want to leave the tribe to find a Thunder Stone? Or, are you coming home to spend the rest of your life as our breeding sow?”

You didn’t really hear him. You were too busy staring at his dick with glistening eyes like it were an oasis in a hot desert. You would want nothing more than for him to fuck you again; while the other bucks gave you amazing sex, something about Dale’s fuck was just so special. and not just because it was your first. You spread your legs wide, hoping to entice him for more.

He laughs and says, “I’ll take that as your answer…” Dale increases his jerking speed and in just a few seconds, a spray of cum shoots out of his tip, landing directly on your face. Not wanting to waste his seed, you open your mouth to catch the second batch. Most lands in your mouth and you swallow it down like it were water. Dale finishes and levels an accusation at you, “whore. You’re going to be fun to use for years to come.” The bucks around laugh. Embarrassed, you lower your ears in shame.

Dale shouts, “alright bucks. I think we’re done here. It goes without saying, but what happened in the forest stays in the forest. We wouldn't want our mates to hear. And that goes for you too, Lulu. They wouldn’t believe you and even if they did, they’d blame you for being a slut.” He’s right; you should probably keep your mouth shut about this; females in the tribe are very defensive of their buck and if rumors of infidelity spread, the doe in question is usually blamed first. Dale continues, “Okay then, you filthy rats, clean yourselves; we’re heading home.”

The bucks grunt and rollover. They begin grooming themselves of all the cum stains. You join in and start grooming yourself but are stopped by a yank on your ear. “No, Lulu." Says Dale. “You keep this on till you get back.” The bucks spend the next ten minutes cleaning up. None seem to care that they are licking cum of not only themselves but of others out of their fur, and they swallow it without thought. When one finishes, he goes and helps another until all are clean, except you.

The bucks march back with an obedient, bow-legged, cum-caked doe in tow. They talk about how great of a fuck you were as though you were not there. They recall key moments and laugh about how much of a whore you are and how you squealed in joy with each orgasm. They never refer to you directly, and it makes you feel like an object, not a living being. You say nothing, just sob quietly with your head held low.

After a thirty-minute walk back, you come to a line of trees that smell of pikachu piss and have scratches of claw marks in the bases; the edge of pikachu territory; you’re home. Dale stops and says, “Simon, run ahead and tell Boc what happened. Bring him to inspect this doe; I don’t know if he’ll still want his son to mate with this bitch. And grab my sister Kat as well. Tell her, she has a doe to clean up.”

Simon nods and dashes off; his arm must already be feeling better. You walk back until you are just a few hundred yards from the center clearing. No one is around except the bucks that just raped you, but soon, Boc rushes out. Dale nods to the others and they take off back to the tribe, leaving you alone with Dale and Boc.

Boc looks at the ravaged doe with disgust and sighs, "Simon told me what happened."

Dale responds, "so you know why we had to do it. I hope you're not mad."

"No, I know it had to be done. Some doe just don't learn their place until they are taught the hard way; I only wish I could have helped." They both laugh for a second and you lower your ears in humiliation; you wish he'd helped as well.

Dale says, "Oh she's a good little fuck too. You'll have to sneak off with her sometime, give her a ride before too many other bucks do."

Boc looks at you with probing eyes, "I look forward to it…" So do you.

Dale turns the conversation back to business. "What of Flik? You know how doe get after something like this. Do you want your son to be mated to a whore?"

"It doesn't matter. You know Flik. Better for the gossip of him to be mated to a slut than to have the rumors of what he does with other bucks. The mating is still on; everyone is waiting. But we can't have her go out there like this."

"I know. My sister should be here any second. She'll clean the bitch up; make her look like a virgin again."

"Very well. I will delay the others until she is prepared." Boc runs off back to the tribe.

In just a few seconds, Kat runs up with a paw full of oran and leppa berries in her mouth. Kat is the matriarch of the tribe; the main part of her job is to protect the tribe's pichu from predators. She saved your life once and afterward you developed a strong bond with her. Kat was born infertile. For that reason, she was never mated to a buck. Because of her infertility, she became the de facto intermediary between the males and females in the tribe, often keeping the tribe's darker secrets to herself.

Kat drops berries and rushes to you. She wraps you uptight in a hug, not caring about getting cum on her. She rubs your back and whispers in your ear, "it's okay, baby. It's okay…" It's the first time anyone has shown you kindness since your rape and the kindness brings your grief bursting forth. You hug her back, wailing into her shoulder. Kat just keeps rubbing you and trying to reassure you. You hug for a good minute till you calm down to a sniffing.

Kat lets go and swiftly turns around to Dale, who has been standing there solemnly. Kat reaches back and slaps her brother as hard as she can. Dale's head is whipped to the side, but he keeps his cool and brings his head back up. He looks unfazed but his cheek has a slightly brighter red paw print on it. Kat slaps him again to a similar effect. She slaps him again but this time he intercepts her arm. Dale pushes his sister to the ground firmly enough to knock her on her ass but not hurt her.

Kat growls, "fuck you, Dale. I thought you were better than this. What would Dad have thought?"

Dale growls back, "don't bring the dead into this. Besides, Dad was never the saint you make him out to be. He participated in rattata hunts, like all of us."

"Maybe he wasn't perfect, but he raised us to be better, and he would have never done this…" Kat gestures to you.

"I did what I had to."

"You didn't have to do this!"

"You have no idea what we bucks have to do to keep the doe and pichu safe. It's hell out there."

"So that makes it okay to rape a doe?"

"Did you not hear what happened to Lulu? I'm sure the rumors have already spread; she was captured by vulpix; they were going to eat her alive. So tell me, would it be better for her to be dinner for a night or spend the rest of her life serving the tribe with her young?"

"But it didn't have to be like this."

"Yes, it did. And it had to be because of you, Kat. You're the one who taught Lulu about the wild before she evolved, against our traditions, filling her head with fantasy she need not have. A pikachu from our tribe hasn’t been to Thunder Mountain and back for two hundred years, and for good reason. The wild has grown ever harsher with each passing winter. The humans keep bringing monsters from afar. The Northern tribe was wiped out by lycanroc in our lifetime and what's to stop some new beast from doing the same to us? What we need now isn't fantasy about a raichu savor but reality; what we need is more of us. And her womb will provide just that. Out there, Lulu would have just been something's prey. Best case scenario, something's breeding prey. She would come waddling back with an egg of a predator. And we would take her back because we need the numbers and the genetic diversity. But better for her to be serving pikachu dick than an ekans'. Did you know that, Kat? That's what male ekans do to a pretty little doe in heat. Doesn't matter if it's a rattata or a pikachu. So what's the difference if we rape her or and ekans does, or some other predator?"

"We're better than the ekans; that's why."

"Are we, Kat? Because sometimes I think we’re worse… I'm finished talking about what's done. The tribe is waiting for her. Clean her up, Kat; this is as much your mess as it is mine."

Dale walks off leaving you and Kat alone. She turns around to you with sad eyes. "I'm so sorry they did this to you, Lulu." With her paw, she wipes away a tear from your face. "Don't worry, we'll make you look pretty for the tribe. No one will be able to tell anything happened. Okay?" You nod your head and sniffle cum. "Good… now just relax and I'll do all the work…"

Kat spreads your legs wide and sticks her tongue deep into your vagina. You gasp in pleasure and pain, still sensitive from the gang rape. Kat ignores you and laps the cum deep within, pulling globs of seed out with each lick, taking it into her own mouth and gulping it down without thought. Once finished, she starts doing the same to your tail hole, seeming not to care how disgusting this process is. You moan and grab the fur on top of Kat's head, bucking your hips with each lick. But Kat finishes before you can get too worked up, leaving you unsatisfied and flustered. You want her to finish eating you out; Why can't you take your mind off sex?

Kat then licks your muff and ass clean of cum. With your flower and sphincter clean, you can now clearly see the damage inflicted on you by the bucks. Both holes are engorged, bright red, throbbing, and slightly ajar. "Oh honey," Kat says in a sad, tone looking at your thoroughly battered fun holes, "how many?"

You peep, "eight."

"Those beasts... I'm sorry you had to see that side of them. Don't worry; I'll fix this too; that's why I brought these." She reaches over to the berries she brought. She takes two leppa berries and two oran berries and chews them into a fine paste. She then slathers with her tongue the paste onto each hole. You seethe in pain as the paste stings but fortunately, soon fades into a cool feeling as though fresh spring water were flowing across it.

"We'll leave that on until we are done." Kat then starts on your body. Each semen stain has dry and caked itself deep in your fur, so it takes a while for Kat to lick clean you. But after about thirty minutes and after reaching every crease the cum managed to seep into, Kat has finished grooming you. Kat gives you a double check to see if she missed any spots, then licks the paste from the holes. Your asshole and pussy are now a light pink and are no longer swollen; though, they do look a little worse for wear.

"There we are, Lulu." Kat chirps with a smile. "Good as new. You look beautiful." You glance at yourself and find her statement to be true; you do look beautiful as you ever have. Even so, no amount of grooming can fix your broken spirit and you are sure anyone that looked in your eyes could tell what happened to you; Dale was right; you are no longer the headstrong doe you were just this morning; you're now a submissive little egg factory, and your factory is currently hard at work producing what it was meant to... a pichu.

Kat sees the defeated look in your eyes and gives you one last hug. She tells you, "it will all work out; I promise. Now come, dear. The tribe is waiting for you.”

You leave together and head towards home. Soon, you enter the heart of pikachu territory - a large clearing nestled between tall trees. In the center of the clearing is all the tribe’s members, including your entire family, huddled in a mass. They all turn to look at you, and quiet whispering breaks out and you lower your ears. The crowd parts, revealing a direct line to the Center Trunk - the base of a large, long-dead tree, where all announcements and judgments are made, and also where you go to claim mates. Already sitting on the stump is Flik. He looks nervous and uncomfortable; this is just as much a forced mating for him as it is for you.

Everyone is so solemn and quiet; this isn’t how it is meant to be; a declaration of mate is supposed to be a joyous event with much cheering and fanfare, but there is no cheering, only mumbling. You take a deep breath and step forward; might as well get this over with...


You were promptly mated to Flik and the next morning, Xander and Tavein are brutally executed, then decapitated. Their heads are hung from the Crooked Tree as a warning to all vulpix to respect the treaty. While your mating to Flik appeases the tribe, preventing a full-blown war, a cold war breaks out between the pikachu and vulpix. Fights break out at the watering hole and sometimes result in death. Due to the increased tensions, vulpix population dips, and prey numbers rise as a result. Larger predators begin to move in to hunt the excess of prey and in so, life for the tribe becomes more dangerous, especially for pichu. More pichu die in their youth and the population growth of the tribe stagnates.

As for your sex life, Flik is a terrible mate. He gives you none of the sexual attention you so desperately need, and instead gives it to certain bucks in the tribe. Seeking the male domination your mind needs after your rape, you become a fuck toy for the young males in the tribe trying to lose their virginity and unsatisfied mated bucks looking for a side fling. All the other females despise you for this, blaming you for their mate’s infidelity. As retribution, they turn a blind eye to your pups at the watering hole whenever they sneak off. Every season, you go into heat and you can't control yourself. You bend over for anything with cock and balls and beg them to fill your pussy with cum. Males pass you around, sometimes in an orgy, just like that fateful day, and your twat, along with other orifices, are used for a few minutes of fun and a warm place in which to jizz. The worst part was you loved being treated like a fuck toy. Sadly, it was the only time you felt valued.

You have eight pups but never know who their father is. Four pups survive to adulthood. The rest of your children made tasty little snacks for various predators of the forest. Pichu are notoriously mischievous and without a watchful eye, a luxury your pichu were not afforded by vengeful females, often find themselves staring down a hungry gullet. One female pikachu, one that caught her mate in the middle of fucking you, watched from the shadows as one of your pichu was swallowed alive, tail first, by an ekans. She stood by and did nothing but smirk as the satisfied snake finished encasing its meal. Then it carried away its still squirming victim inside thick purple coils. Without the additional protection of the tribe, your womb was nothing more than an oven, serving up fresh meat on a first come first serve basis for hungry carnivores. They would surely thank you for your hard work raising your young nice and plump. They trotted, flew, swam, or slithered away, with the loves of your life, in their merciless clutches, not caring of the mother they would leave in shambles. They toyed with their pichu meal as your pups cried for their mama, right up until the predator got bored and decided to dispatch your young in their own unique but equally horrific way.

Even so, being Boc’s daughter-in-mate afforded you some protections and many females begrudgingly tolerated some of your infidelity. But, because of your whorish behavior, you taint Boc’s name enough to tilt the odds against him in the next bid to become Elder, and when the time comes, it is Dale who gets the honor of being the next Elder. You are hated by Flik’s side of the family for this, but Boc seemed indifferent about it; Elder is mostly an honorary position and Dale has been his good friend since they were pichu. As for Flik outside of sex, you do grow to love him, just not in a romantic way but more as a good friend; he is a decent father, even though he knows the pichu are not his and he is kind to you most of the time. He ends up dying a couple years before you and you do mourn his passing.

After spending the latter part of your years tending to your children’s children, you die of old age as well. You are not mourned by the tribe, except for a few close friends and blood family. Your surviving children did mourn you as a beloved mother. Your life was hard but there were good moments as well. But in the end, was it all worth it?
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