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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 215 - A Pidgey - By Megaladong - Overview
Xander!" You snap at him. "Listen, I don't have much time. Tell me what happened."

"A pidg-"

"I get it was a pidgey! Just tell me what happened before that!" You begin shouting.

"P-p-p…" Xander begins to tremble and terror fills his eyes.

Frustrated by his cowardice, your face displays your rage and you loom over him, scolding down on him your wrath. You yell, "Xander!"

Xander's eyes go wide and he begins convulsing. His tremors are only slight but judging by the look in his eye, extremely painful. Foam forms at the corner of his lips and his face is clenched tight. He shakes for a good minute then goes limp. His eyes are dull but he is still alive - the only evidence is the gentle rising of his chest.

You touch his brow... Shit, he's out cold. Maybe yelling at him was the wrong approach. You won't be able to wake him in time to question him again. Frustrated, you rush from the den in a tizzy. Damn it, that was a waste of your time.

Once calmed down, you look around; the sun is late in the sky, but there may still be time to ask around a bit more.

What do you do?
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