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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 240 - Queen of the Rattata - By Megaladong - Overview
The only real option is to let them have their way. You let the sparks fade, lower your head, and beg for mercy, "p-please don't hurt me. I-I won’t fight…” Tears drip off your face at a steady pace. Is this really going to happen? You came out to save Jet; now, you’re the one needing saving. And like Jet, no one will...

Fan chuckles and jumps down from the branch above. Despite the large fall, he lands effortlessly and swaggers closer. “Good, pikachu. Don’t worry, it'll feel good for you too.” Fan comes right up to your face, so close the tip of the grass he is chewing tickles your nose. You can see just how big he is. You underestimated his size; he is quite large for a rattata, even bigger than you by an inch or so, but leaner, so you are a few pounds heavier given your pudgy body. He says, “What’s your name, sweetie?”

You sniffle, “L-Lulu.”

“You still don’t want it, Lulu?” He asks genuinely.

“N-no,“ you beg meekly, “please, just let me go.”

He pats the top of your head and tells you, “How ‘bout we make a game of it? You may think we can’t please a doe because of our size, but I’d like to prove you wrong. One of the bucks here will give you a ride; if he doesn’t make you cum without stopping, we’ll let you go home with just one creampie between your legs and your other holes clean. We won’t even do foreplay just to make it a challenge. If you fail, then you’ll have to service all the bucks here with any hole we want until all balls are empty and all cocks pleased. So what do you say, Lulu? Think you can handle just one rattata?”

It’s not an option, so you just timidly nod your head yes. Plus, with how small their pricks are, you doubt you’ll even feel them inside you. You can probably take this challenge with no problem. Better to be raped by one than all.

“Good,” Fan says. He turns his attention to the rattata. “Which one of you, bucks, are up for the challenge? Keep in mind if you fail, we’ll use you in Lulu’s place.”

It is quiet for a second, then Po steps up, “I’ll do it. This is personal...”

Po? He’s the littlest here, and you can see his prick is already out and is so tiny, it’s comical; you doubt you’ll even feel him; looks like you’ll be walking away lucky.

Fan laughs. “Very well, Po… only seems fair since you brought her here. And she’ll get to experience what even the smallest of us can do.” Excited chatter comes from the crowd.

Po circles you slowly, inspecting the doe he will breed. You lower your ears in embarrassment. No matter what happens, you're walking away from this pregnant with a rattata’s child. You know rattata are in your Egg-Group from a common insult: “son of a rattata fucker” - an insult that will ring true to your offspring in this case. But maybe you can spare yourself the horror and humiliation of being gang-raped.

Po stops behind you, red eyes trained on the pussy he will have the pleasure of seeding. He slowly walks up and gently whiffs the smell coming from your hind end, cute nose wiggling and eyes fluttering. But they keep to the promise of no foreplay, and he leaves you untouched for now. Even so, you are a little horny, though you’d hate to think why, resulting in your insides moistening. To your horror and the humor of the rattata around, so much female natural lubricant is made that a bead from plump spade forms and drips down in a long, sticky strand, glistening in the twilight sun and early moonlight. Cackling laughter erupts from the bucks joined by shouts of, “I think she likes you, Po!” “What a whore!” "She's already wet!?" and the like. You just shiver and lower your ears. Why are you excited? This may be a harder challenge than you first thought.

"Down, Lulu." Fan commands you with a smile. You obey by laying your chin down, pointing your ass up, and placing your tail on your back - fully presenting yourself for breeding like a good little bitch. "Good girl," Fan rewards you.

Po, once done enjoying your scent, climbs you like a tree, mounting you quickly and latching onto your rump like he was hugging a thick trunk - his arms wrapped tight around your midsection and his legs pressed into your outer thighs, vicing him in place. Po would look at the same time funny and cute on top of the pika-ass much too big for him if it weren't for the fact this is rape. The little guy holds on tight as his rod pokes around searching for the hole it was designed for, inching ever closer. As Po wiggles to adjust his hips to get lined up, Fan says, "one last thing, Lulu. No bucking him off. Take it like a good doe should and we'll keep our promise to let you go if you don’t cum."

"Pi!' You grunt suddenly as Po's dick nearly enters you, just missing to the north.

Fan chuckles, "ready?"

You're not, but it doesn't matter. "KAA!" You yelp in pain as Po scores home, familiarizing your insides with rattata cock; it is longer than you would have thought, able to snake in and out a little over halfway to your cervix, but the tapered girth of his mouse cock is woefully lacking, hardly causing any of the friction needed for a relatively big girl to gain pleasure from her sexual partner. But he entered so quickly and forcefully that it hurt but only slightly as though you were pricked by a thorn bush. But the pain fades almost instantly as your well-lubricated insides combined with his laughable member cause no additional issues.

Po makes concise, tiny thrust - plap-pap-pap-slp-pap-spat his underbelly sings off your ass much to the delight of his jeering brethren. They hoot, holler, and some lick their own dicks to the sight. But despite the noise, he makes little progress to make you cum as you barely feel him in there.

It only takes about thirty seconds; “CHEEE-” he groans as he prematurely blows inside. Warm seed shoots deep inside your snatch, coating your insides in the rattata variant of pichu batter. Your pussy is large enough to catch all he’s got without wasting any outside, helped by the small displacement of his cock. But you got nowhere close to climaxing yourself; you’ve won their degrading challenge; now you just hope they uphold their end of the bargain.

You start to get up, but Fan pushes your head back down. They’re going to rape you anyway? You look up at Fan and give him pouty, tear-filled eyes. “You promised,” you appeal to his sense of morality, “let me go now.”

Fan smiles from whisker to whisker, “Ah… but I remember saying when he stopped. He still going strong from what I see.”

surlp-plap-smk-pap-slrr-pap-slp-pap-spat the sound of love-making still rings from your ass, now with the additional sound effect of a cum stuffed pussy. You look over your shoulder to see Po, with wide-open mouth and tongue laying limp on your tail and with the appearance in his rolled-back eyes of pure bliss as though he had died and your ass was a yellow cloud floating in heaven which he was resting on in eternal pleasure - him still latched to your rump and pounding away without having missed a beat from his climax.

“Bet your bucks can’t do that!” Fan draws your attention back to him. “While we, rattata, might have short fuses and small pricks, we make up for it without having to stop! You better hold on tight, Lulu; he’s just getting started.”

With not much else to do, you whimper and resume the position. You wait for another minute until Po blows again to a similar effect, but this time, some runny rattata semen leaks out and runs down your thigh. Like before, you are nowhere close to cumming and he doesn’t stop; you brace yourself for round three.

After five more minutes, two rounds, and an absolute sticky mess between your legs, you are still left unsatisfied; though, the sheer endurance of the little guy is starting to get to you; you blush slightly, you shiver occasionally, and soft moans sometimes slip from your mouth. But it is only the beginning of an orgasm and you’ve gotten yourself to this point before just by rubbing your muff gently for a few minutes.

Po shudders hard and cums for the fifth time. At this point, every ounce ejaculated ends up either on your thighs or in a growing steaming pile between your paws - those little balls of his sure store a lot. But this time is different; he shudders so violently you can tell it almost hurts him, and he slows to the near point of stopping. But just when you think he’s going to stop, he resumes his standard pace. You know his next time will be his last; all you have to do is hold on for a few more minutes, which at this rate, you know you will.

“Come on, Po!” A rattata from a tree above shouts. “Stop messing around! Finish her so we can have our fun!”

“Alright, I-I was just getting her warmed up…” Po grits through his teeth. Po shifts his hips, to change the attack angle of his cock...

“Pi!?” You grunt suddenly in surprise as the new angle puts a decent amount of pressure on a small section of your wall. Po then takes his time, working diligently around your walls, shifting his angle with each thrust as though he was looking for something. This new technique is working better - you now moan a bit louder and blush more - but he’ll have to do better if he wants to make you cum soon…

Then… PROD “PIK-” you quickly cover your mouth with your paw. His dick just pressed hard into... that… that tender spot - a spot that you, yourself, haven’t had any luck finding. The only reason you know it’s there is from one experience with a doe who used her tongue to find it. Whatever that spot is, it feels amazing… and you can’t let him know that.

But it’s too late; he has already made it a few degrees past the spot when Po chirps “oh? Was it… here?” PROD

“MMMMHHHPH,” you groan through your paw, shivering all over. Oh, gods… why does it feel so damn good?

The rattata group begins to get excited. “You have her right where you want her!” “She’s done for now!” “Show her what we can do, Po!” “FINISH HER!”

Fan looks you right in the eyes and says, “now the fun starts. Good luck, Lulu…”

PROD “MMMH-” your paw falls off your mouth, “KAAAaaa” you moan. PROD “Pi” PROD “Ka” PROD “PI!” PROD “KA!” You are just one poke away from sending you over the edge...

N-no… he can’t make you cum. You brace yourself with all your might for the incoming jab... PROD your knees buckle and mouth huffs, but you suppress the orgasm; you just have to hold out for a couple more minutes. You descend off the mountain top into a valley; just a warm, euphoric buzz all over.

But Po does not let up, relentlessly attacking that spot over and over. Near-orgasms come like waves every ten seconds or so. But you stuff the urge to give into them down. But the more you fight, the larger the waves become, nearly making you black out the harder you resist them.

You might be winning though. Po struggles just as much as you in holding back his own orgasm; he fidgets around, and groans with passion mixed with discomfort. But an incoming wave, the biggest yet, may send you over. The question is who will blow first?

PRRRRROD “CHEEEEEEEE!!!” He does… He slams directly into the spot, full force, spraying the spot with warm jizz. Unfortunately, that feeling - the hard slam accompanied by feeling him jizzing on the spot like it were a rich, creamy, cool ointment being generously slathered on to a hot, itchy rash - sends you not only over the edge but soaring off it like a pidgeotto.

“CHAAAaaaAAAaaa,” you scream in ecstasy. You knew sex felt good, and you knew it could feel amazing, but you never thought it could feel THIS amazing. You collapse to the ground, eyes rolled back in your head, your body convulses all over both inside and out, and a powerful concoction of piss, cum, and pussy juices, sprays out of your cunt like a geyser onto Po’s balls and down your legs. At that moment, you forget everything, and just enjoy the climax and Po’s little cock twitching, filling you up with each pulse. You join Po on that little yellow cloud in heaven, longing to stay forever in this moment; forever at the mercy of his cock; forever his bitch. He has fucked you harder than you can imagine any pikachu buck could. The little rat took your choice of mate away and dashed your dreams and in a way, made you his property. You should hate him but in that second, you love him.

So hard fucked you were, your ears ring, and the world spins. But as you descend from heaven and back to the real world, the sights and sounds of cheering rattata come back into focus. Tears start to fill your eyes… The game is over; you lost and the rape is only just starting.

Fan says just an inch away and with a giant smirk, “well, well, well, Lulu. Looks like you lost! I won’t lie, I’m impressed with how far you got. But no need to hold back now. Cum or don’t, we’ll use you how we want…”

“N-no… Please!” you beg. But no one responds. Po rolls off you to make way for the others, wearing a prideful smile as he displays your defiled ass to the others. They crackle and chirp in joy as the group closes the distance. A wall of purple rodents now surrounds you on all sides. With them closer you can see them more clearly; most of them are young, barely pubescent rattata only a little over half your size. Rattata live harsh lives, and most don't last a few months, let alone a year. These pups are probably only four to six months of age, just old enough to long for a mate but not developed or mature enough to find one. Though, mixed into the group are a couple older bucks, probably a year plus, that are full-grown and are just a little smaller than you.

You get up slowly, wobbling to your paws, trying to get in a position to resist. They have a hungry, almost predator look in their eyes; for most of them, you’re probably the first, and last, female they'll fuck. "P-please, s-stop!" You try to beg, but it's too late; one rattata jumps up on your back, another your side, and another your rear. The weight of the rodents causes you to collapse to the ground. Somehow, you roll over and end up on your back, looking up at cream-colored bellies and tiny red cocks. You are at their mercy...

They don’t waste any time. Grubby paws and needy dicks envelop your body, prodding and poking just about every inch of your yellow fur, searching for any warm hole in which to jizz. "Pika!!!" You scream in terror. Why does it have to happen like this? If something was watching from above, you doubt they would even see a pikachu below the writhing mass of purple rats; at most, only flashes of yellow and maybe a yellow paw shooting up from the purple sea clutching at the air in vain.

It seems that Po’s display a top you primed their cocks for detonation and just a few rubs on the outside of your fur sends them off. Almost like a chain reaction, ribbons of semen shoot forth from the tips of most of the rattata in the pile. One buck, who either by luck or design, managed to plant his warm, musty ball sack firmly on your snout, and gives you the pleasure of staring down the barrel as he ejaculates. You feel his balls contract and twitch on your nose as a powerful stream sprays directly into your left eye. "Piiiiii…" you groan in pain and disgust, as he continues to unload while at the same time, others do the same around you, shooting a good two feet in long ribbons, coating everything from you to themselves to others - for such small guys, their cumming sure packs a punch.

And just like Po, their first orgasm does not slow them at all, and in fact, only seems to invigorate their sex drive. Once finished unloading on your face, the rattata lifts his balls just in time to give you a view of a lucky rat hugging your belly tight, arms wrapped around your waist, desperately humping looking for Po’s fun hole. "PII-" You yelp once more as he enters your vagina, "-MMMPHH!" but your expression of pain is rudely interrupted as the buck who gave you the facial, takes advantage of your open mouth, slamming his prick into your berry hole. His whole member, including his balls, rest firmly in your mouth, tasting of male must and flavorless cum. He begins humping and like Po, his thighs clap of your cheeks the only difference is they are of your face.

You try to retch the unwanted cock out but his weight sitting on you keeps his fun stick in place. And your gagging only seems to be adding to his pleasure as your mouth and tongue dance around him, made evident by his satisfied moaning.

While at the same time, a new rod is nearing a vacant, virgin tail hole, seeking to remove both those statuses. "MMMMMMPH" you groan as it does. The tiny prick begins pounding away, smacking and slurping as it uses its own cum to help lubricate.

You squirm and writhe in revulsion as all your holes are being violated by warm little pricks, trying in vain to free yourself. But the rattata keep you right where they want - as their sexual plaything.

N-no… there's the feeling again… b-but you can't give in… your struggles weaken… a warm buzz starts at your pussy and begins spreading up your body… do you like this? Your struggles weaken further… the buzz reaches all the way up to the tips of your ears… You don’t fight back; you just lay there limp, taking it… n-no… you don’t like this… you love it.

Your hips buck, mouth sucks, and paws reach out and soon find themselves gripping nearby dicks, jerking them diligently. “Is she helping?” One rattata squeaks in disbelief. “The whore must like it!” another correctly assumes. Worse than giving up, you’ve given in to the rattata’s will and work in tandem to help them use you as their cum bag.

Soon, the second wave of rattata spunk explodes in and around you, and with them, you cum too; not as intense as Po’s but a very pleasant climax full of shivers, contractions, and muffled moaning. The rattata who is currently filling your pussy reports with glee, “She’s cumming already!” Laughter burst out from the group, but you don’t care anymore; you’re a shameless slut for rattata cock. Plus, you’re too focused on the prick in your mouth spraying down your gullet. The sudden spray hits the back of your throat, forcing you to gag, but the only location the cum can come out is your nose. Cum, like snot from a crying pichu, bubbles out both your nostrils.

Once finished, the cocks remove themselves from their respective holes, making way for new guests; except the pussy fucker. The greedy little guy holds tight to your stomach, still pounding away. “Hey!” Shouts a disgruntled rattata. “Move out the way! Our turn!”

“You’ll have her when I’m done!” Shouts the cunt-hoarding rat.

“Well if that’s the case…” Says one of the older bucks as he yanks the greedy rattata’s tail upward.

“Hey! What are you do-” The bigger buck slams his dick into his asshole. “CHEEEEP!!!” The smaller buck tries to squirm out as he is being ass fucked, but the bigger buck keeps him pinned between you and him. "G-get off me, you freak!" But the buck doesn't respond. The rattata in between, as you did, slowly stops squirming and soon, judging by the look in his eyes, starts enjoying it more, his thrust inside your pussy timed to his rapist.

But before you see too much, a pair of dicks approach your mouth; you greet them in, like a good slut, taking one into each cheek. You return to the primal mind and let the rattata enjoy your body and them returning the favor...

The next hour is a blur of purple, fountains of cum, and unbridled degeneracy. By the end, rattata are fucking each other as much as they are you. That said, every buck there did get a spin between your legs along with any other hole they wanted to try out. They contorted your body in about every way possible, trying whatever deviant whim popped into one of their heads. At one point, they wanted to see how many cocks they could get inside you at once; turns out it’s eight - two for your ass, three for your pussy, and three for your mouth.

As for you, you climaxed eight times; it’s easy to keep track as it seems Po likes to denote your whorish behavior by gnawing a tally mark into the bark of a nearby tree. But finally, all the bucks are spent; they lay around on their back or side, panting heavily - some even snore as they sleep and some even have their own creampie to match yours. Everyone had their fun except Fan, who has just sat on the sideline watching his enclave play with their pika-toy.

You lay in a goopy mess of rodent semen. You sit up and inspect the damage. You look miserable; between your legs is a gaping, throbbing cunt hole overstuffed with seed. Each buck’s semen is a different consistency, and it bubbles out of you slowly, like a spring made of mud. Below that, your tail hole is in a similar state. As for the rest of your body, no inch is left unsoiled. Cum of varying degrees of freshness - ranging from dry and caked into your fur to still warm and runny - paints your body. Your mouth, one of the favored fun ports of the rattata, still has globs of seed dripping from the roof, and your nose leaks cum as though it was snot. From inside your belly, a dinner's worth of creamy protein glugs away; you won't go hungry tonight. A single strand of cum dangles from your right ear, waving back and forth in front of your face, almost taunting you.

You think you should be upset at what you've been forced through but it was just so enjoyable. You never really thought of rattata sexually; they are so small and that was never your thing. But these guys really prove to you that size doesn't matter, only how you use it. You love rattata cock now and look forward to bearing one of them a child. The creampie pichu raffle nestled deep in your womb excites you. You wonder which seed will fertilize your egg first - if one hasn't already. You hope it's Po's; his did get a head start after all.

Your admiration of the rattata's work is interrupted by Po chirping angrily, "Come on, guys! We gotta make her cum at least one more time!" Po seems obsessed with the number of your orgasms; why? You're not sure, but you doubt it has anything to do with pleasing you.

But the bucks just groan in response, too exhausted and thoroughly milked to pop a boner; only the tips of their red pricks poke out their sheaths. Po turns to Fan and appeals, "F-Fan! You haven't gone yet. You can finish her off!"

Fan chuckles, "I will but… only if Lulu wants me to."

Po is left in flustered disbelief, "w-what!? Pikachu bucks don't let our doe choose. They rape her, every last one of them!"

"Po, do you know that most rattata doe go back to pikachu willingly, or at least purposely get caught after they're raped? I think we might have just broken Lulu in! Look in her eyes. See? That's the look of defeat, of subjection. She loves rattata cock, so I doubt she'll leave without pleasing this…" he hikes his leg to reveal his hard red shaft, out and ready to fuck; it is much larger than the others, almost comparable to a smaller pikachu's penis. You visibly shiver; if the others wrecked you with their pricks; you can only imagine what he can do with that. Fan softly smiles, "what do you say, Lulu? Do you want my love? Do you want to serve rattata cock for the rest of your life?"

It slips out suddenly but quietly from your mouth, "p-please…" Why did that just come out of your mouth? What the hell is wrong with you?

"What was that?" sardonically goads Fan.

You blurt out loudly, "Please fuck me like a bitch!" Tears fill your eyes. Your body has betrayed you. Fan is right; they have broken you in - you are no longer the strong-willed, virgin doe you were just this morning but a defeated cum-caked whore who begs common rattata to fuck you silly - tamed and subjugated by the smallest pricks around. What an unadulterated slut you've become… Your actions back up your words: you roll over on your stomach, perk your ass straight up, and wiggle your hips seductively, inviting the suave rat king to enjoy the fruit his fellows already have - a noble king indeed to be willing to play sloppy twelfths after his lessers.

Po screeches with glee at your submission while Fan swaggers closer. He stops and eyes, with subtle admiration, the plump, pudgy posterior of a presenting, promiscuous pikachu, primed for passionate procreation and poised to please his prick. Fan takes his time mounting you; unlike Po, Fan can do it proper - how the gods intended. His back paws are still on the ground and his front are hooked solidly into the crook of your hips.

He enters slowly so as not to hurt you. His girth is much more filling, though still lacking, but you can actually feel him. He starts off slowly, making solid, steady thrust; Unlike the other rattata, Fan isn’t treating you like a fuck toy, like a cum dump, but almost like he loves you like you were his life mate. Fan quickly finds the spot Po did and begins attacking it, causing you to shiver and moan. With the leverage he gains by having his feet planted, the extra mass of his weight, and his larger member, Fan fuck is even better than Po’s. You melt into the heat and let the orgasm build naturally and do not try to fight it as you did before.

He cums in less than a minute and causes you to climax as well, just as hard and intense as with Po. Po chirps with joy and gnaws another tally mark into the tree. Like the others, Fan’s first climax is the first of many, and he doesn’t miss a beat or miss his mark on your sensitive spot.

You fade into that warm buzz, that euphoric valley of near-orgasm. So blissful, so peaceful, you just close your eyes and let your spirit meld into Fan’s. So amazing the sex, you have an out-of-body experience; your soul leaves your mortal flesh, and you look down: between Fan’s legs is not a cum-cake, whore of a pikachu, but a dainty, virgin rattata, and around you is not a pack of ravenous rats in a cold, dark forest but a field of endless flowers on a warm, sunny day. But you know the young, pretty rattata is you somehow.

The rattata version of Lulu is enjoying the sex just as much as the pikachu version, but how she ended up there is different; the rattata Lulu met Fan and fell in love; they decided they would make a den and raise pups until they were old and no longer could produce young. Then they would live the rest of their lives in paradise, enjoying their elderly state together, and eventually, dying together one cold winter’s night, wrapped around each other. This Lulu wasn’t raped or forced into this; this Lulu is in love with Fan; this sex is real, passionate, tender-loving, copulation.

You watch this Lulu enjoy her mate fucking her for the first time, feeling all the positive emotions and pleasure she does. Fan fucks you for the next ten minutes, taking it slow and making it passionate and sensual. He cums four more times, but you hold on. You resist cumming not out of spite, but because you want to build your lust to the highest mountain top possible - as you did accidentally with Po. Finally, Fan blows for the last time, and you let the most powerful orgasm yet wash over you; you aren’t sure what your earthly body does, because your soul is rocketed to heaven and intertwines with Fan’s in eternal bliss and true love. You aren’t sure how long you stayed there - it felt like forever and a second at the same time - but eventually, you come crashing down.

The real world comes into focus. Just a couple inches in front is Po’s cock being gripped by both his front paws, awkwardly jerking his member. He shoots one last batch on your face. As he unloads, you realize Lulu the rattata was a figment of your imagination, and Lulu the pikachu is the only real Lulu - a Lulu that has been deflowered in one of the most horrendous ways imaginable - a Lulu who is such a whore that she would beg to be fucked after her rape - a Lulu who came ten times… This realization causes you to begin crying softly in humiliation and defeat. Why did you have to enjoy it? That may be the worst thing of all...

Fan, who is still in you, leans over the top and whispers into your ear, "stop crying, Lulu. You are one of us now, one of our kind. Pikachu and rattata are not that different, just different branches of the same tree. You will be the mother to our children, our lover - our queen! Lulu, Queen of the Rattata, how does that sound?” Fan dismounts you and speaks to the group while circling you, “this is Lulu, our queen! And as our queen, you will treat her as such. She is our mate, hopefully for years to come, so show her the kindness we show to our doe. Let’s clean her up and send her home to raise a rattata-bred pichu inside the tribe.”

The rattata chirp and get to their paws. They dog-pile you once more but with sheathed pricks and kind eyes this time. They lick you clean of cum while some runoff into the woods and bring back berries to eat. Once finished and after you’ve polished off a few oran berries, you feel great and look clean, maybe even better than when they caught you; though you’re sure your eyes bear the look of a broken spirit.

A young, small rattata, only a few months old, comes up to you with something in his mouth; he places a reef made of twigs and lined with little blue flowers at your paws. “I made this for you, Queen Lulu!”

You pick up the reef, debating whether to put it on. The crowd begins to chant, “Queen! Queen! Queen!” You’d hate to disappoint them so you place it on your head. They exploded with cheering, picking you up and surfing you atop the purple sea. You can't help but smile slightly. They celebrate for a few minutes then slowly depart back into the dark forest. Eventually, Fan walks you back in the name of safety to the Crooked Tree.

It has been a few hours and is completely dark out. Fan stops you at the base of the tree. “Lulu, I hope you don’t hate us for this.”

“H-how could I not, Fan? It was horrible what you did to me…” you tell him.

He sighs and says, “It was. And I’m sorry it had to be like that.”

“Had to?” You hiss. “You didn’t have to do anything.”

“Y-you’re right. I regret it now. But me and my kind have it rough. It’s not a justification just the way it is. Most the rattata there tonight won’t be alive by next month. The vulpix start running out of prey at the end of the breeding season. I already caught a few vulpix stalking our territory. They’ll pick most of us off. So if you can’t forgive us, I hope you can at least see it from our perspective. ”

“Whatever, Fan. Just let me go now.”

“W-wait! Before you do, I just wanted to ask; did you not feel it? When we had sex. I felt our souls intertwine. Like our bodies weren’t even there, and it was just you and me, forever as one. I’ve never felt that before...”

You become surprised; he felt that too? You thought it was just your mind’s way of coping with the trauma or just an expression of an intense orgasm. But if he felt it, then maybe it wasn’t just made up; maybe it was real.

“S-so you did feel it?” He asks with wide eyes.

“I-I’m not sure what I felt,” you lie for some reason.

Fan puts it all on the line and kisses you; his bucked teeth makes it awkward but he manages. You start to kiss him back but pull yourself together and push him off. He looks up with tears in his eyes. Your heart flutters for a second; why do you love him after what he put you through? You dash off back to the north, without saying a word and with grief in your heart.

Once back at the Watering Hole, you go up to the water’s edge. In the reflection of the moonlight is a pikachu whose eyes have lost their light; you have lost your nephew, you have lost the right to your womb, and you have lost your quest for a Thunder Stone. Still on top of your head is the reef - Lulu, Queen of the Rattata. Rage builds in your chest, causing you to rip off the reef and chuck it into the river; Immediately, you regret your decision. The reef floats down the river and you break down and cry into your paws with conflicting emotions coursing through your head.

You sober up after ten minutes and head back home and abject failure. But just as you start down the path, you hear talking up ahead. Maple and her odd friends are walking down the trail. Maple sees you first; “Lulu!” She seems surprised. “You’re coming home?”

“U-uh, yes, Maple. I just got lost out there. But I am coming back.”

“And Jet?”

“No luck.”

“Oh… I’m so sorry, Lulu.” Maple says with her normal cheery voice. “But I’m glad you’re coming home,”

Something is odd about this, so you ask, “why are you guys out here so late?” You see Knot hide something behind his back quickly.

“O-oh… U-uh… we were going to look for you, silly!” Maple chirps.

“In the middle of the night?”

“Yeah, the… uh… tribe thought you ran off, so we were… uh… going to find you and return you, intact…” she becomes flustered and starts speaking rapidly, “o-of course intact… why would we not? What would we do? In pieces? Ha ha, silly me...”

Something is awfully strange here, but you shrug your shoulders and head back to the tribe with the group - a rattata’s egg growing inside your womb…


Because of your failure to find any conclusive evidence on what happened to Jet, Xander, along with Tavein who came with Lady the next morning and claimed he helped Xander, were brutally executed. They are then decapitated and their heads are hung from the Crooked Tree as a warning to other vulpix to obey the treaty.

Then that afternoon, you are forced to mate with Flik. It turns out the rumors are true of him; he is gay. So much so he has to use the help of another male to inseminate you. But no one knows that your womb is already hard at work producing a rattata’s pichu. It is assumed by all Flik is the father. You remain Flik’s mate for the rest of your life.

While your mating to Flik appeases the tribe, preventing a full-blown war, a cold war breaks out between the pikachu and vulpix. Fights break out at the watering hole and sometimes result in death. Due to the increased tensions, vulpix population dips, and prey numbers rise as a result. Larger predators begin to move in to hunt the excess of prey and in so, life for the tribe becomes more dangerous, especially for pichu. More pichu die in their youth and the population growth of the tribe stagnates.

As for your sex life, Boc, Flik's father, makes a promise to keep your needy cunt occupied and satisfied to make up for where his queer son lacks, so long as you stay loyal to the family. Boc fucks you hard… but not as hard as a rattata can. So you find yourself sneaking out once and a while to find a purple lover in the brush.

Word spreads through the rattata bucks around the forest that there is a pikachu doe who prefers the embrace of a rat, and when they see you, they know your name and refer to you as Queen Lulu. Sometimes it's just one rattata you make love with, other times its large groups like that one night. But you love it, and they treat you nice enough in return and respect you as a motherly figure.

As for Fan, you seek him out a few months after your first meet-up, hoping for the magical fuck again. But after asking around, you found out he was last seen three hundred feet above the ground in the talons of a pidgeotto. You are devastated by this news as you would be about losing a lifemate. You do eventually recover but the scar never heals. You learn loving an individual rattata is dangerous so you try not to get attached to any particular buck.

You are very careful about your secret rendezvous and because of that, the tribe is none the wiser. Because of your perceived loyalty, and next winter after the Elder dies, Boc is chosen to be the new elder and in doing so, grants your family special privileges. Your pichu are well protected and respected; Though your children were a bit small given their rattata genetics; one pichu would even occasionally grow single strands of purple fur which you made sure to pluck. Boc remains Elder for four years until he dies of old age. But he did leave you a will. For your needy cunt, he passed the duty of fucking you to his youngest son, of your same age, who was a lot like Boc and could give as good as his father. And for your loyalty, he used some of his political power to grant you the role of being the tribe's matriarch before passing.

The matriarch's job is to protect the tribe's young from predators and you do so well even though times are dark. But something eats you up as you watch the pichu play at the watering hole. The events of that fateful day Jet disappeared just didn't add up in your head. You ask around and inspect the area but never find any solid evidence, and every time you thought you'd make a breakthrough, some horrible event, usually, a pichu dying, interrupted your progress or led you down a dead end. But you could never shake the feeling of being watched at the watering hole. Like something was lurking in the shadows, waiting for your attention to be misplaced and for a pichu to wander off and be scooped up by the hungry predator to never be heard of again. You would die with this mystery unsolved.

You have seven pups all different rattata’s. Five pups survive to adulthood. The other pichu were eaten by predators and even one, disappeared in the same manner Jet did. But considering the other females' young, who often had half or more of their pichu eaten, you did well for yourself. Surely a benefit of being a member of a high-ranking family.

As for Flik outside of sex, you do grow to love him, just not in a romantic way but as a good friend; he is a good father, and he is kind to you and even sometimes pretends to be attracted to you - giving you kisses and flowers. Flik ends up dying a couple years before you and you mourn his passing but more like a passing of a good friend than a lover.

After spending the latter part of your years as the matriarch, and with more time to run off into the forest for rattata love, you die of old age. You are mourned by the tribe, except for a few females who blame you for their pichu deaths. Your surviving children did mourn you as a beloved mother. But it is the rattata that mourned most of all; you were their queen, their love. They made a makeshift memorial to you and almost deified you as a goddess-like figure. If only they could just trick another doe into the forest alone; maybe they even will again… But in the end, your life was decent. But, was it all worth it?
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