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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 241 - Worth it - By Megaladong - Overview
You’d rather go down fighting than degrade yourself to the level of a sex doll. Plus, you’re about to test if they are really willing to see this through. You firm your stance and growl. “I’m not your fuck toy, you disgusting rats. If you really want this, you’ll have to eat my sparks first.”

Dissatisfied hisses come from every angle. “So?” Says Fan. “You are a fool then. Fine, pikachu; dinner it is…”

The rattata in the trees hop down and the circle closes in tighter. There is not one gap in their formation; if you are to break free, it’ll be after one of them attacks, then maybe you can slip away. With them closer, you can see them more clearly; most of them are young, barely pubescent rattata only a little over half your size. Rattata live harsh lives, and most don't last a few months, let alone a year. These pups are probably only four to six months of age, just old enough to long for a mate but not developed or mature enough to find one. Though, mixed into the group are a couple older bucks, probably a year plus, that are full-grown and are just a little smaller than you.

Their eyes are glazed over in a feral state of predation. Their teeth snap and their mouths froth. This isn’t the first time today you’ve been surrounded by hungry stomachs; though, vulpix maws are designed to rip and tear flesh and meat; you doubt being gnawed to death by rattata bucked teeth is as effective as pearly, sharp canines.

They come about a foot away but do not approach any closer. They snap, yip, snarl, and screech, trying to startle you out of your defensive position, but your only hope is to stay calm and hold your ground. You pivot in place and growl to keep the rats from attacking from behind.

This goes on for what feels like forever but is probably only a minute. They seem to not actually want to attack; the first one that does will most likely die. If none does soon, they may back down, freeing you. Suddenly from your left periphery, you see a rodent lunge forward; it’s Po, fangs wide opened and trained on your fatty flank. You shift your weight to dodge the bite and at the same time let loose your stored energy, “Pika-CHUUUUUU!!!” Po’s bite misses, but just by an inch. Your Thundershock lands true and Po is reduced to a writhing, twitching mass at your paws. You look to the hole created in his position but it is quickly filled by a rattata from the back.

Excited chattering is joined by a chorus of gleeful chirping. They begin to all move in when Fan shouts, “hold up, rats! She’s still got electricity left; no need for another one of us to go down; just let her tire out first, then we can eat.” The others obey their leader and hold steady.

W-what is Fan talking about? You look down at Po; terror fills your heart. A paralyzed, near-dead Po lays at your paws still twitching slightly… but with a slight grin adorning his purple face. And in that grin - a bloody meat chunk, topped with yellow fur. You then look at your side; oh no, Po didn’t miss; the adrenaline just blocked the pain… From a good-sized hole in your left side, an intestine hangs down, waving back and forth and a slow but steady stream of blood leaks out. You stare in disbelief; is this really happening; is this just a bad dream?

The rattata mouths drip with saliva, waiting patiently for you to become defenseless. You must be in a deep state of shock because you feel nothing neither pain nor emotion and do nothing but gawk at the wound. But as more blood leaves your body, it only takes thirty seconds until your sparks become disjointed, then they crackle, then pop, and fizz out… dinner time…

The rattata rush forward at once with a feral, blood-lust look in their eyes. The first rattata snaps onto the dangling intestine, and that’s when you feel it. Pain… Intense pain shooting up the organ into your body, and as the rattata pulls back, dragging the gut out into the open, you feel it leave your body like a vine from a tree and at the same time, someone punching your gut a thousand times over in a second. This isn’t a nightmare; this is real; this is your fate - rattata chow.

The state of shock wears off at once, and you scream in utter terror, “PIKAAAAAAaaa!” But it was only the beginning of the feast. A second pair of incisors sink into your groin, right into your pussy. Your knees buckle as the rattata pulls hard - his teeth are not made for tearing so the flesh stays on. A third pair bites into your right side, a fourth into the exposed gut, a fifth into your back left haunch, a sixth bites your ear and pulls your head down to the side, a seventh takes advantage of your lowered head to bite into your cheek, an eighth jumps on your back and sinks his fangs into your sirloin, a ninth bites your front arm and that, combined with all the weight of the others, finally sends you crashing down to the ground, rendering you helpless, rattata food.

“CHAAAaaaAAAaaa,” you scream as you are laid low. You continue to squirm, scream, and cry as more bites latch onto various parts of your body. The rattata tug hard, ripping chunks of flesh out, and quickly gulping them down and just as fast, biting again to claim more nutritious pika-meat for their hungry stomachs. Clearly, these rattata don't eat often, made obvious by their skinny, even for rattata, bodies. Whatever sexual interest they may have had for you disappeared the second the smell of blood hit the air; now it is just a race between themselves to gobble down as much as they can before others can - the greedy rats only concerned for their own interests.

You are completely underneath a frantic, writhing purple mass; If anything was watching from above, you doubt they would even see the pikachu below being devoured alive; the only way they would know is from the painful, terrified screeches of, "PIKA!" from below the rattata and maybe the twitching end of a yellow, lightning-shaped tail sticking out. What a horrible way to go; you now wish the vulpix would have just eaten you on the spot; they are at least better equipped to dispatch prey…

As the feeding frenzy continues and less of you is attached, your struggles and screams become weaker and weaker until you are just laying there limp, mumbling, "pi-ka…" with each bite. The good news about your fate, it is fast, only about a couple minutes and you didn't get to see most of it - except for a couple rattata who ripped chunks of your face off and chewed it right in front of your eyes. But you can feel gaping, bloody holes all over your body only filled occasionally by jostling rattata heads. As less surface area is available to eat, fighting between the rattata starts - at first just hissing then snapping then shoving. Their ravenous hunger is not near satiated yet.

A sickening crack comes from below as your hips are dislocated, and soon, a lucky rattata trots away with a dismember pika-leg in its teeth along with a few followers hissing for him to share. You've given up completely, now not even able to muster the energy to verbally express your discomfort when Fan comes and sits in front of you with a smirk. His face is covered in your blood and a slightly bloated stomach, groaning with glee.

He tells you, "sorry, pikachu, but this is your fault… Should have just taken out cocks - would have been much more pleasant... at least for you. I'll admit, I'm okay with your decision; I now see why the predators love you so much; tender, juicy, savory, and just a little tang from the electricity - delectable - way better than a bland, stringy rattata; not that they won't eat us, just eating the same thing gets old fast."

Loud pops come from below as the rattata, running out of easy-come meat, start on your bones, cracking them with their powerful jaws and bucked teeth, getting at the yummy bone marrow within. Fan continues his lecture, "don't feel too bad, pikachu, about being eaten by us; predators like to say there's a 'food chain,' that somehow there’s an order to who eats who, but that’s a bunch of shit they tell themselves to feel as though they are superior. There is no order; just who has more power. If a pidgeotto hurts its wing or is old, then we eat them the same as they eat us. No hierarchy, just who can beat who. Only humans and pikachu think they are above the maw. But now you see outside your little 'society' we're all meat in the end.”

The rattata have now completely finished your lower half and begin crawling over the upper to polish off their pikachu banquet, covering your vision in various red-coated rattata parts. Some start on your ribs, cracking and chewing them while a couple thrust their snouts into your ribcage. SQUISH comes from below as a rattata finds your barely beating heart and bites into it. Your body grows cold and numb; fortunately, death is only seconds away. Others start in on your head; their teeth carve out succulent chunks and you can clearly hear them nibble, and smack on the chunks. Some gnaw on your skull, trying to get at the last organ yet to be violated; their teeth grate on your thick skull sounding like something carving hardwood. One rat sniffs your eyeball then promptly bites it out, warping the vision in your left eye. A cord stays attached but the rattata yanks it out, turning the left side of your world black. From your good eye, you watch the rattata hold the eyeball in his front paw, nibbling on it, rotating it around, eating gooey chunks as he goes…

From your right, the sounds of a new eating frenzy starts. Are the savages eating Po as well? That's his reward for this kill? The same as yours? Your shock effectively killed him, so they are probably doing him a favor. But is there no love between rattata kind; at least enough that they wouldn't quickly cannibalize a fallen member? But you guess that's the way of the wild. You and Po will share the same grave - a rattata’s stomach.

What a degrading way to go - eaten alive by the lowest vermin around, not even predators naturally but scavengers at best; but past the pain and horror, you can’t bring yourself to be mad about your fate. In fact, you feel pretty sanguine. You can't help but feel bad for these little guys; most of them won't be alive this time next month, probably facing the same or worse horror than you. It's nice to think you are making this moment pleasurable for them. It's a strange feeling, but it is the only positive thing you can glean from the terrible situation, and you hold on to it tight as you approach death. As your vision starts to tunnel, a soft, angelic ringing takes hold - a peaceful feeling starts to engulf you. But before it can fully take hold, a rattata makes a breakthrough CRAAAAAACK


Po hisses at the pikachu along with the others, trying to startle her out of her defensive stance. But the pikachu remains calm; she's brave, he'll give her that. A minute passes without an inch budged on either side. Po's been around long enough to know how rattata are; they are selfish, timid, feckless, and bolt at the first sign of danger. The pikachu made the right call; This charade will last maybe another minute, then slowly, some rattata will back down then all will, freeing the pikachu.

A ball of anger builds in Po's chest. His thoughts shift to Hea. Po brought this pikachu here to rape her, to do what her bucks did to his doe. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially for rattata. For it to all just vanish, all for nothing… No… he won't let this opportunity pass; if this pikachu chooses death over rape, then so be it.

He takes a deep breath… this is for Hea… and lunges forward. He opens his mouth wide, trained on the juicy, yellow pikachu flank. But she catches sight of him… "Pika-CHUUUUUUUUU." Po's muscles clench tight; unbelievable pain shoots down his spine and his body convulses. Stars blind his vision and he is made a purple writhing mess on the ground… he failed. The shock is certainly fatal but not kind enough to kill him outright. He twitches for a few more seconds until he is left paralyzed on the ground, looking up at the pikachu.

Once his vision comes back into focus, a faint smile spreads across his face. Fan shouts, “hold up, rats! She’s still got electricity left; no need for another one of us to go down; just let her tire out first, then we can eat.” He’s right; Po didn’t miss; gently swaying in front of Po's face is the pikachu's large intestine and behind that, a gaping hole. And the metallic taste of blood and savory fat wash over his tongue; the pikachu is dead meat; and it's all thanks to him.

The pikachu looks down at Po, then at her wound. He's seen that look before - on a deerling. The poor deerling got ambushed by a vulpix. The fox latched onto his groin, ripping guts out, dangling them from his undercarriage. Judging by how it looked, it should have been incredibly excruciating to the point the deerling should have been wailing in pain, maybe even blacking out. But the deerling just stood there watching his guts hang out in shock like it wasn't his guts hanging, being displayed for the world to see. It wasn't till the other vulpix, about ten of them, caught up that the bleating started - the hideous squeals for his mother. But right now, that same look is in the pikachu's eyes - she hasn't processed her fate yet…

Her sparks crackle, pop, then fizzle; dinner time. His brethren rush forward to end the pikachu. And just like the deerling, reality catches up to her; “PIKAAAAAAaaa!” She screams as bites are taken from her. She tries to stay standing, but as more rattata jump on her, she collapses to the ground, “CHAAAaaaAAAaaa!” She disappears below the ravenous pile of hungry rats, sounds a painful screeching come from below the pile. But with each passing second, her yells weaken to the point that her devourer’s munching is louder.

Po knows his fate; once they finish her they’ll start on him. Rattata, once the smell of blood fills the air, will eat anything, including their own if they are weak enough. It’s something Po’s done himself; though he’s not proud of the fact. When you’re hungry, really hungry, and that feral part takes hold, nothing is going to stop you from free meat. And with a healthy chunk of pika-bacon in his teeth and being completely paralyzed, he might as well be a bound fatty tepig, gagged with a succulent red apple.

Fan, appropriately, taunts the pikachu as she dies. Fuck pikachu; they always act better than rattata but they aren’t; they were just born luckier. But by the end of his speech, the group has already finished her lower half and now start on her head. A few break off and start sniffing Po’s body. His time has come… He closes his eyes, bracing himself for death. He thinks back to his short, hellish life and how he wasted it on killing the pikachu. Was it worth it? He thinks back to the look on her face… Hell yes…


Thus, ending your story. You were brutally eaten alive by a pack of rats. Jet's mystery was never solved and because so, Xander, along with Tavein who came with Lady the next morning and claimed he helped Xander, were brutally executed. They are then decapitated and their heads are hung from the Crooked Tree as a warning to other vulpix to obey the treaty.

The tribe thought you ran away and Lady vowed to hunt you down. But in just an hour, she found your mostly eaten skull in the forest. She returned it as evidence you didn’t run away but had suffered a gruesome death.

While knowing your fate appeases the tribe, preventing a full-blown war, a cold war breaks out between the pikachu and vulpix. Fights break out at the watering hole and sometimes result in death. Due to the increased tensions, vulpix population dips, and prey numbers rise as a result. Larger predators begin to move in to hunt the excess of prey and in so, life for the tribe becomes more dangerous, especially for pichu. More pichu die in their youth and the population growth of the tribe stagnates.

You are forgotten by the tribe as a foolish member, destined to be something’s prey anyways. But the rattata will remember you not that it matters. All present rattata die within a year. But you did provide them with a good meal that night. You leave no legacy; but hey, at least the rattata got to taste why so many predators like pika-steak!
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