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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 89 - No Words - By Megaladong - Overview
You have no words and say nothing in response. Telling him yes would just give him permission and telling him no would challenge him. If he's going to kill you, theres nothing to stop him. You keep looking in his eyes and cry softly. He looks back at you and cries too. He leans in and gently grabs your neck with his teeth. You could shock him but you don't. Your only protest is your paws push against his chest in a vain attempt to try and push him off. His fangs prick your skin. You look into his eyes as he increases pressure. You don't resist much. 

You can feel the sharp fangs slowly push up against both of the main arteries on either side of your jugular. Every one of your heartbeats, he tightens his grip. Just as the pressure gets so tight you think he's going to kill you, he stops. 

Tears are streaming down his face. He just holds your throat tight. His eyes pulsate red. What the hell is wrong with you? Why aren't you stopping him? He slowly releases your neck. He gets off your chest and walks away.

As soon as he breaks eye contact you gasp for air. Your ears ring and your head feels like it has been split open. The trance really messed with you, it feels like you've been mind raped. You stand up dizzy. You stumble over to the base of the tree and throw up. You stand back up, feeling a little better. Blood is dripping from your nose, you wipe it off. You look around for Duke, half expecting him to pounce on you and rip your guts out. He's gone.

You see his tracks in the fresh mud leading deeper into the forest. You could follow him but every fiber of your being tells you to leave. You already gave him a second chance and he almost killed you. Then again you feel like you've come this far might as well see it through. What do you do?
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