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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 93 - The Blue Collar - By Megaladong - Overview
Your hands shake. You can't do it. You don't know why, he shown you everything to the contrary, but you still feel like there's good in him. You lower the stick, "fuck. I'm such an idiot." You breathe deep and calm down. You walk aways out into the woods and throw the stick deep into the brush.

You sigh and turn around. As you do you trip on something and face plant in the dirt. You look back. It's something metal. You get up and look closer, it's a tag attached to a blue collar buried deep in the dirt. You dig it up. It's covered in mud and rotten wet leaves. You clean it off. The tag has human writing on it. You can't read human but somehow know who it belongs to. 

You walk back to Duke with the collar, he is still asleep. You are going to wait for him to wake. You hide the collar under you. You sit on your hind legs about three feet in front of his head. You watch him quietly. He starts shaking and growling with great intensity. He convulses so much you think he's going to die right there. 

Suddenly he stops moving. You think he has died but then his chest starts raising up and down slowly. You are scared. You don't know what he's going to do to you when he wakes up but you don't leave.

He lays still for about twenty minutes, you wait patiently for him. He's eyes begin to open slowly, he sees you. You look down quickly and lower your ears. You don't want to make eye contact just in case he tries to put you in a trance again. He sits up on his hind legs, looking at you.

Neither of you say anything for a few minutes. You are shaking in fear. You tell him quietly, "I was going to kill you, while you dreamed. I sharpened a stick and was going to put it in your throat, but I didn't." You begin to sob, your tears fall on to the ground below you. 

He doesn't say anything, "maybe I should have. What are you going to do to me now, rip my guts out, rape me, make me take you to Moki?" You continue to cry. 

You both sit quietly for a minute. He stands up and walks over to you. His head is just above yours. You unconsciously piss a little of your heat smell into the air. You are attracted to him and afraid of him at the same time. You brace yourself for a bite or worse but he says, "I never asked you your name." His voice sounds different. Before it was ruff and dark but now it sounds still dark but smooth.

You look up into his eyes. They look calm and he's not trying to put you in a trance. You look away between his legs, the tip of his red dick is poking out of his sheath. "Lulu," you respond, you look back into his eyes. He is blushing, you can tell he is attracted to you.

"Thank you Lulu," he begins to lean in for a kiss. You almost kiss him back but you turn your head away. How could you trust him after all he's done to you today? You're mad at yourself for even wanting to kiss him back. "I'm sorry Lulu," his voice sounds genuinely sad. "For all I've done to you. We've only known each other for an hour but I feel like you know more about me than anyone." You say nothing and look down.

"You've helped me find peace. Ever since Tok's death I've felt like there was a battle inside me, between dark and light. Now I feel peace. I've forgiven Moki, my brothers, and even myself, that was the hardest part, and it was all because of you. Thank you." You look back up, he is smiling.

He turns around and walks away. "Wait!" You call. "I found this in the forest when you fell asleep." You pull out the collar from under you and hold it out to him.

He runs back and looks at the tag shocked, "that's mine! But how? I lost it after I ran away from the victreebel."

"It's yours. You take it."

He smiles, "Lulu, do you believe in fate, or luck? Maybe they aren't that different. You should take it to Moki. If she sees it she will think I'm dead and maybe she'll realize Tok is dead. It will help her bring closure and maybe she will finally find peace."

That maybe his wish but maybe you think he should take it and bury in a special place so he can remember Tok by. Or maybe he should take it to Moki himself. That way she'll know Tok is dead for sure. Then he could rejoin Moki and reunite with his brothers. It would be difficult for him but you think it might be best. What do you tell him?
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