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The Babysitter - Page 1 - The Babysitter - By ThrowawayA1D - Overview
This is my very first story, and I'll be using this page as a "title screen". You know how this works already.

I got this idea from browsing through the Eka Discord server. I'm not a good writer at all, though, so I used AI Dungeon (Griffin) to help me write everything. I hope you enjoy it!

...don't expect it to be finished, though. I rarely ever finish anything I start.


What will not be included in this story:
*Male predators (this includes the player).
*A second pred.
*Any sort of anthropomorphic character.
*"God options".
*Spelling/grammar mistakes.
*Extremely cringy writing (I'm bad, but I'm trying!).

Sex and anal vore may or may not be included. I'm very neutral on those fronts.

What will be in this story:
*Oral vore.
*Player as prey.
*Disposal (bones only).
*NSFW stuff, obviously.

NOTE: If you find any sort of inconsistency; out of character behavior, misspellings, or anything of the sort... do NOT hesitate on contacting me. I mean it!
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