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Another vore high - Page 1 - Another vore high - By Flatheaddog - Overview
You are Alexa, a 5'9'' girl with a lithe body, black hair, and large beautiful brown eyes. Today is the first day of your second year of high school, which you have been dreading all summer. Not only are you now going to have to spend your days doing school work and waking up early, but you'll also be back to fending for yourself in the untamed, hormonal jungle of teenage preds. Still, school is mandatory and so you get on your school uniform and begin the walk to school.

On the way there, a small blue civic pulls up next to you with tinted windows. You see the one closest roll down to reveal a young boy with black hair, blue eyes, and a bright smile. This is your friend, Sebastian. He is a sophomore as well, and you see him in his own school uniform. His car reeks of weed, and you know Sebastian as a stoner. You smile back, happy to see him.
"Hey Alexa, need a ride?" The boy asks audaciously.

What do you do?
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