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A Day at the Zoo - Page 34 - Sniff him [WATERSPORTS] - By Gamefox - Overview
You decide to lean forward and try to sniff the fox's crotch. As you do so, the fox stands and hikes his leg. He lets you enjoy sniffing his sheath and balls. The fur is unbelievably soft and the fox's scent is amazing. Musky with a pungent hit to the senses that doesn't stop even as you exhale.

You drop down onto your back to pull him over your face, but he just takes the submissive gesture as a sign that he may mark you. His dick withdraws into the sheath with a twitch before a hot stream of yellow flows from the small slit at the tip of it. Bitter and salty are the only things you can register for a moment before the heat of his piss makes you realize that this is something to enjoy.

You relax under the stream and let him finish marking you. It only takes a few seconds, but the little fox makes sure to coat your face, chest, and crotch before he is satisfied. Sniffing you over one last time, the fox sits and seems rather proud to have claimed a human as his territory.

What should you do now?
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