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Gotham Girls - Page 1 - Were in the hell am I? - By geofrey - Overview

Your eye’s open slowly. You are groggy, comfortable and don’t want to get up. The room is dark, you can barely see, you feel as if you are in a luke warm bath. You turn contentedly as you savour the warm, thick liquid against your body. It is then you realize, this isn’t your room, you have no idea where you are! This isn’t a bath, the liquid is too thick, it smells sweet. You are naked, immersed in the strange liquid up to your waist, you can feel it but you can’t see it, all you can see is an extremely dark brown wall. You touch it, it feels… fleshy, you fell around, you are confined, not even enough room to outstretch your arms.


You hear a giggle…
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