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Vore Harem - Page 10 - Belly rockin’ - By creamcredits - Overview
You and genesis pull away from each other, and she moans quietly. “what are going to do master? You can do anything to me” That’s all you need. You maneuver your way towards her, grab her hips, and set them down right onto your cock. Genesis moans in delight. “o-oh! i never knew this is how it would feel!” you continue to pound her right pussy, and the outside is taking notice. The rest of the girls look on as Bri’s mountainous belly shakes and writhes with your love making. That look on in envy, meanwhile you and genesis can hardly distinguish each other’s forms anymore. The love is so intense that you are now one. You keep on pounding away at her pussy as her massive breasts shake in front of your face. With the power of the sun, you cum inside her. You forget that you are inside Bri’s belly, before you yell “BRI! LET US OUT! THATS AN ORDER!”
Bri grumbles in disagreement before letting you out, and rubs her now flat tummy as you and genesis stand up, nude, your arm around her waist, with a bulge around her stomach filled with your cum. What to do next?
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