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Vore Harem - Page 12 - "Let's take this into someone's belly" - By creamcredits - Overview
"Hold on, lets go somewhere more private." You say, and then motion to Ashely to come over. The rest of the girls look on in envy, especially Bri, who rubs her already full belly. "Ashely here can let us into her room, where we can get especially frisky" Kandy looks uncomfortable, but interested at the same time, until she shoves her voluptuous body down Ashely's throat. Ashely looks startled, then embraces her meal, and sends her down into her 'room'. "Ah, right where you belong" She moans, and then begins to stare at your member, standing at attention ."Can I have a treat master? Or will you be joining Kandy now?"
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