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Vore Harem - Page 13 - Join Kandy - By creamcredits - Overview
"okay then, but I still wish I could've had my treat." You walk up to her, and offer up your hands to send down into her 'room'. She takes you into her mouth, and then swallows, twice, and again, to send you down to your lover for the night. Kandy looks up at you, swiftly moving her hand away from her dripping pussy. Her eyes wild, she says softly, "It's about damn time you got here, now there's no one to watch you destroy me. I'm all your daddy" That's all you needed. Both of you move together in unison, and fit like two puzzle pieces. From the outside of Ashely's belly, it just looks like there's a tornado going around in there. Amid the sweat and cum, the moans and grunts, Kandy grabs you, pulls you in close, and whispers softly, "take me daddy" and then it happens. You release inside of her, gallons and gallons of your cum flooding into her tightening pussy. You both gasp and pant in ecstasy, until Ashley's stomach grumbles and begins it's digestion. "At least I get to go out with this belly, and more importantly, you." She presses her ass up against you and you both cuddle and spoon while being turned into tit fat for Ashley.
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