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Vore Harem - Page 14 - Feed our baby - By creamcredits - Overview
Genesis rubs her belly filled with cum, and looks expectantly at you. "master, i think you may have gotten me pregnant..." You look on, dumbfounded. 'I- I don't know what to say, how can you be sure?" As if on cue, Genesis's bely bloats up even further, and the rest of the girls begin to crowd around her, rubbing her supposed bump. All except for Bri, who's mad that she had to give up her meal. You take notice, and whisper something to Bri, who's eyes light up instantly. While you head on over to Genesis, you tell the girls to go wait with Bri. "m-master, i dont know how to explain it to you. how could this happen? but by all means, do you want to feel?" You slowly caress her belly and feel a kick. Life. This is the happiest moment of your entire lif- *BUUUUUURP*
It would seem that Bri is now satisfied, thanks to your recommendation to eat the rest of the girls. However, you hear a low growl from the belly of the mother of your children.
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