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Vore Harem - Page 15 - Genesis gets her fill - By creamcredits - Overview
"master, im hungry." "Please, dont call me master anymore. Call me something else." "sure thing, daddy" The mother of your children needs nourishment, and you have jus the thing, or rather, person, in mind. "Bri! Could you come over here?" The big bellied latina waddles over towards you and your 'girlfriend', and sits down at your feet. "Bri, I need you feed yourself to Genesis. No argument" Bri, still in bliss from her large meal, nods in agreement. "daddy, how am i supposed to fit her belly into my mouth? shes massive!" Her stomach then growls in disagreement "nevermind" She gets down and begins on her dinner at the head and slowly but surely swallows the mountainous belly. While she swallows the rest of the girls, she motions towards her ass. My god, you love her. As she finishes off the belly, you grab her ass cheeks and pound her ripe pussy. She moans and gasps, and finishes off her meal. "oh daddy!!! yes!!" she screams in that beautiful voice of hers "i bet you cant wait until i've digested theses bitches in my belly, huh, daddy? i bet you cant wait to see what theyll do to me, huh? you want to see me all pregnant and even sexier than i am now?" true love is always so beautiful

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