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Vore Harem - Page 8 - Let’s meet genesis - By creamcredits - Overview
“Muchas Gracias, papi. I was getting hungry. Let’s send you off properly” She strips you down, but pauses when she gets to your boxers. She chuckles to herself as she looks on as your 15-incher stands at attention. “My my, someone’s excited!” She says. You just want to get inside her and meet her sister. She sucks your cock right up, and swallows the whole thing. You cum instantly, and she looks up and chuckles “First your cum, and now you” she grabs your head, shoved it into her cleavage, then gives you a taste. She moans in ecstasy, and begins to swallow. She gets you shoulders down, then your chest. She pauses at you cock, and plays with it again, until swallowing again. She lifts her head up to swallow up the rest of you in one go. In the dim light of her belly, you see the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid eyes on.
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