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Vore for the babby sitter - Page 1 - Vore for the baby sitter - By theteen73 - Overview
The kids need babysitting, lets see how possible that really is.

Emily- One of the people who needs babysitted, she is 14 and thinks she is too old for a baby sitter. She has brown hair and is average height.

Sarah- Emily's 12 year old sister who think she is fine being watched by her older sister.

Tony- One of the possible babysitters, He is 17 with short blonde hair. He only took the job because he likes younger people and is tryna hook up with Emily.

Cathrine- She is 18 and means buisness. She has black hair and blue eyes, a beautiful woman, but if you get on her bad side, you will exit her anus the next day, if your still alive when she pushes you out of it, that is for her to decide. All she wants is for the kids to cooperate.

Anal Vore
Cooking and Prep Vore
Clothes Digestion
Full Tour

Oral Vore
Sex(encouraged with large age difference)
Slow Digestion
Mild Disposal
Incest (for sibling vore)

Not Allowed:
Quick Digestion
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