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Vore Tavern - Page 1 - Vore Tavern - By creamcredits - Overview
You enter the tavern, the place where anything and everything goes. Into a gut, that is. You’re part of a society where women have achieved the ability to swallow entire cows whole, so the men in the tavern are considerably smaller and less outgoing. You’re the prize all the women are after, but the king has declared that no man is to be swallow unless he has sired children. There are 3 women who you’ve had you’re eye on, and they’re all in this tavern.
The Foreigner- A woman form a country down south, tan skin, brown hair and hazel eyes, wide hips, and a voluptuous figure, though still on on the level of the next two. The biggest glutton in the village, already with a belly full of 3 men.
The Viking- A woman with pink, puffy lips, mountainous breasts, and a nice bubble but, who definitely has the most sexual experience in the village. You can’t tell if she’s pregnant with sextuplets or has already had her “dinner”.
The Milk Maid- Ironically enough, this one has the smallest breasts out of the 3, but her ass more than makes up for it. She is one of the more timid women in the village, and doesn’t eat men unless they are rude to her. However, she has been known to have eaten 12 large cows in one sitting. I wonder how many men she could handle?
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